Top Range Finder Apps for iPhone

Are you looking for some top rangefinder apps for your iPhone? Smartphone has significantly advanced to an extent that it’s now possible to use them for ballistic calculations. What you need is a range finder app to install in your iPhone, and watch it as it does all the calculations for you; estimating the distance between where you’re standing and your target spot.

You can even input the size of your target object, and the app will calculate its range almost instantly, in meters or yards.

How Range Finders Work

Range finders work a lot like binoculars. But they are actually monocular. Which is to say they can view your target object and estimate the distance between the object and where you’re standing.

Largely, they’re used in bird surveys, deer hunting and golfing. Once the object of interest is viewed (in a stationary position of course as you can’t clearly view an object in motion), the app will proceed to record the distance between it and the object.

There exist a number of devices that you could use to achieve all this. The problem is that they’re a bit expensive and therefore NOT affordable to many. But why even bother when you can easily find an iPhone range finder app that can still get the same done.

Top Range Finder Apps for an iPhone


RangeFinder for Deer Hunting for iPhone

This app allows you to make a perfect shot while deer hunting. You could also use it for archery or shooting on the farm.

With the app, it’s possible to estimate the distance between where you’re standing and the prize buck. Works for both rifle and bow hunters, particularly those looking to increase their chances of success whenever they’re out hunting.

Start by pointing the crosshair at the base of the animal you’re targeting and its yardage will instantly be displayed on your screen.

It’s worth mentioning that the app has been designed to estimate up to a 60-yard distance. But what’s even better is that the app keeps on updating the distance as you adjust the range for a more accurate estimate.

Mil-Dot Range Finder for iPhone

This app makes mildot targeting a child’s play. Designed to do all the math for you and supply you with near accurate estimates between you and the object of focus, all you’ll be doing is inputting the size of your target as the app calculates the distance range almost instantly.

Not forgetting that it’s one of the cheapest range finder apps on the market as we speak – with the standard edition costing a measly $1.99 and the pro version a $9.99.

If your plan is to use the app on the field, then it’s more logical to just shell out the 10 bucks for the pro version. This is important as the pro version is super-advanced, arriving with a full-featured ballistics calculator with elevation or windage corrections.

Hole19 for iPhone

Hole19 is absolutely free, offering lots of bang for value. And make no mistake, the app is just as good as any other range finder app on the market costing between $10 and $30.

Its core functionality is that it’s designed to offer both flyover view and distance ranges. Best suited for golfing, the flyover view is meant to display the aerial view of the golf hole, while also displaying the distance between it to the pin at the top right.

The app also allows you to tap the target icon and move it around toward any point on the hole to estimate the distance between it and a water hazard or fairway bunker, for instance.

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