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Top Five Hunters of All Time in the World

Regardless of the successful hunts a person has done, it requires more than just being a proficient hunter to make it to this list of the best hunters that ever existed or exist. Apart from all the hunters on this list accomplishing various tasks, all have made while some are still making long lasting and useful contributions to the culture of hunting. Some of these influences were in the form of motivating and inspiring a new group of hunters while others comprise huge conservation successes. There is a hunter in this list that even utilized his hunting skills to safeguard and directly enhance the lives of thousands of individuals.

Irrespective, the hunters have made their mark in the annals of hunting history and have won their place on this list of the top five hunters of all time. The best hunters are those that make a constructive impact to the hunting culture. The list was not an easy one to settle on as there are numerous big names in the hunting world. In the end, the most notable both in action and name were considered. With this in mind, the following are the five best hunters of all time.

World’s five best hunters of all time

1. William Frederick Cody

William was known to many as the ‘Buffalo Bill.’ In West America, there is no popular name there than Buffalo Bill. Fredrick is famous for his heroic actions as a bison hunter. People denote that he got his household alias after shooting over 4200 bison to feed staffs on the Kansas Pacific Railroad between 1867 and 1868. Cody is also said to have at one time won a buffalo shooting tournament by shooting 68 bison in just 8 hours while utilizing an ancient trapdoor Springfield Model 1866. This achievement was indeed remarkable considering his rival was using a much more modern weapon, the Henry Repeater.

Photo Collected: Cody-Buffalo-Bil

Presently, these situations cannot happen to bear in mind that conservation and wildlife management is working around the corner to preserve our wildlife. Nevertheless, Fredrick made a name for himself in West American. If you presently go to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, you will realize that Fredrick regularly wished he had prolonged time for hunting; but his demanding schedule with the Wild West Shows that took him to many parts of the world including Europe, Canada as well as the United States always kept him away from the hunting field. You will find it extremely difficult to come across a more famous American Bison hunter than Fredrick Cody.

2. Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett is the most famous British hunters that ever lived. In the early 1900s, Jim gained a widespread reputation for successfully hunting several man-eating leopards and tigers that were terrorizing the Indian populace. Corbett indeed killed thirty-one tigers and two leopards, the history’s most notorious man-eating big cats.

Jim corbett
Photo Collected: Jim Corbett

Jim fruitfully hunted down and ended the supremacies of the terror of the Leopard of Rudraprayag (125 targets), the famous Champawat Tiger (436 targets), as well as the Panar Leopard (400 targets). Jim regularly hunted these man-eating animals single-handedly, and he later detailed the hunts for these tigers and leopards in most of his books. In most cases, he realized that the big cats had injured teeth that could not enable them to hunt their natural prey. Even after his retirement in Kenya, Jim continued to be a leader for the preservation and conservation of the natural areas. Corbett also played a part in the establishment of the first ever Indian National Park. The Park was years later renamed ‘Corbett National Park’ around the 1950s in his honor; it is now home to a large population of tigers. There exist insignificant big game hunters that have National Parks named after them.

Some of Corbett’s hunts are outlined in his book: ‘The Man-Eaters of Kumaon.’ There are only a handful of people in the world experienced in hunting tigers as Jim was. With his practical and successful big cat hunting skills, Jim is still regarded as the best hunter by the people of Northern India. Besides his duty of safeguarding the Indian populace, he was also one of the most influential and popular advocates of the conservation of tiger in India.

As a matter of fact, Jim never considered himself a trophy hunter of man-eating game animals. Indeed, it is rumored that he only hunted leopards and tigers if they had killed or injured somebody. It is estimated that the thirty-three big cats he killed were responsible for a shocking over 1,200 human deaths.

3. John Henry Patterson

Most of the famous game hunters on this list established their legacies through years of vows and contributions to hunting. John Henry Patterson, a British Colonel, earned his fame from a sole African Hunt. After leaving England in 1898, he was sent to Kenya to supervise the construction of a railroad bridge over the Tsavo River by the Uganda Railway Commission. However, the project was hit by a primary problem when two non-maned male lions began killing and consuming the Indian workmen during the night. John and the staffs tried everything to protect the workers from lighting fires, starting curfews, putting up thorn fences, but there is nothing that stopped the lions from entering the camps and killing the workers.

John H. Patterson
Photo collected: John H. Patterson

Luckily, John had acquired sufficient man-eating hunting experience in India when he worked there as a British Army. With this, he took matters into his own hands, trailing and killing the two big cats just twenty days apart. Nine months before this, the dangerous man-eating animals had heavily terrorized the workers by killing an estimated 135 individuals.
The entire episodes of the hunt are recorded in his excellent book, ‘The Lions of Tsavo.’ Patterson was even portrayed in film form the famous Val Kilmer in the film, ‘The Ghost and the Darkness.’ Afterward, he continued his hunting adventures as a game warden in East Africa as well.

Nevertheless, history still regards him as the man who single-handedly stopped and killed the man-eating lions at Tsavo. Several other big-game hunters made a name for themselves in Africa, but John Patterson is amongst the most popular.

4. Fred Bear

Very few names are as identical with outdoor industry and bow hunting as Fred Bear’s. Fred Bear is regarded as the godfather of the present bow hunting. His legacy has primarily grown with time because of his unmatched skills in the field of hunting, as well as establishing the best bowhunting company in the world. No bowhunter has ever impacted the sport as much as Fred Bear did, and it is possible that no hunter will ever achieve this. Fred continued on the work of Saxton Pope and Art Young and today possesses an equal deity-like status among the bow hunters in North America. Fred in fact designed and built his own bows and established Bear Archery that developed the initial line of mass-produced bows across the world. Fred Bear then utilized the bows that he designed and started hunting deer in Michigan.

John H. Patterson
Photo Collected: Fred Bear

Bear was a pioneer in the world of archery as he earned patents for tools like the modern shooting gloves, the Razorhead broadhead, the bow quiver and the fiberglass bow for backings; these are among tools utilized by successful bowhunters across the world. The most remarkable invention done by Fred is that of the Take-Down traditional bow. The design took Fred twenty years to perfect, starting from the year 1947 till its unveiling in 1967. During this time, Fred field-tested the tool with various prototypes until he was pleased with a gadget that would be affordable to a standard bow hunter.
Aside from helping design and manufacture the revolutionary archery tool, Fred proved himself to be the leading top archers in the world, winning Michigan’s target tournament in the year 1934, 1937 and 1939. He made a name for himself in the Great Lake State where he assisted in the establishment of the first bow hunting season in 1937. With this, other States were challenged to start their own bow hunting tournaments after that.

Fred’s bow hunting skills would also break the grounds cinematically. Fred traveled to the Upper Peninsula in 1942 alongside Jan Van Covering of the Detroit Free Press. Jan carried a movie camera with him to record the hunt, and Fred Bear became the first person in Michigan to take a whitetail on film. The footage of this film was later utilized in producing Fred’s first hunting film, making him a famous individual.

The films concerning these hunts were incredibly famous and significantly contributed to the dramatic rise in the reputation of bow hunting in the United States as well as the rest of the world over the next couple of decades. Fred was also regarded as a strong supporter of conservation and fair chase hunting and even served the board of directors of the Pope and Young Club at a particular time.

Bear grew to become international bowhunting legend over the years, managing all kinds of dangerous games with his dependable bow and arrow. He broke six different world archery records for various game species including barren-ground caribou, Alaskan brown bear, Canada moose, mountain caribou, and stone sheep.

Although he passed away aged 86 in 1988, his legacy remains as looming as it was in the past. Presently, sports person remember him vividly as a pioneer for bow hunters internationally. The label ‘Father of Bowhunting,’ is an appropriate tribute to an outdoor legend, and his example is one that should be remembered by outdoor men around the globe.

5. Jim and Eva Shockey

The Shockers are probably the most influential and famous family in the hunting world presently. Jim Shockey acquired sufficient reputation as the producer and host of the famous TV show ‘Jim Shockey’s Uncharted and Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures.’ At most times, he utilized the muzzleloaders on most of his hunts. Jim was indeed the first hunter to take down the North American 29 by use of a muzzleloader. He has assisted the revival of muzzleloaders among the present hunters. This aspect has made him an influential figure in the muzzleloader hunting world, with almost the respect and reputation that Fred Bear holds in the archery world.
Jim’s daughter, Eva Shockey, is possibly the most popular female hunter in the world and symbolizes a fast-growing demographic in the hunting world. Eva has also proven to be an excellent and successful role model for women everywhere by portraying that apart from succeeding, she can also make it in the previously male-dominated hunting world. Presently, Eva is the co-host of ‘Jim Shockey’s Uncharted,’ and has also featured on the cover of ‘Field and Stream.’

Photo Collected: Jim-and-Eva-Shockey

Eva does not doubt the fact that unlike her dad, she is not among the knowledgeable hunters in the field. Jim for instance, has attained numerous world records for hunting over the years primarily for muzzleloading, apart from being a prolific outdoor writer. Eva represents an increasing number of female hunters, whose count grew by over 85% between 2001 and 2013. Eva often speaks positively and confidently concerning the positive impacts of hunting on the world population as well as the environment. She always encourages young girls captivated with the outdoors to give it a try by presenting herself as a positive role model.

Notably, both Eva and Jim have also been the leading proponents of conservation via sustainable hunting and have even worked untiringly to enhance bearable hunting across the world.

Lastly, there are those individuals that wish to be remembered as the world’s best hunter. This is indeed an awesome objective, and maybe most of them are not kidding. Now, determining the persons who deserve the title of the world’s best hunter is a challenging moment. It is quite sure that determining the amount of game taken is not a determining aspect in the modern background due to the ‘hunter-conservationist’ campaigns. Hunting skills are a must, but they should possibly be contemplated when someone is approaching that level. The lasting impact is also an aspect used to determine the success or greatness of a hunter. It is common that most nations that have a tradition for hunting possess their own folk of its own heroes and heroines. David Crockett, for instance, is a famous hunter and backwoods philosopher that served in the Congress for a period of eight years. He served in the Creek War diligently as a young man and was seen as a pure volunteer even after his death aged 50 years.

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