Ten of the Best Hunting Spots in the USA

Every year, thousands of American hunters head for the rivers and hood in search of fresh wild meat. Most of the American States feature great spots or hunting alligators, grouses, rabbits and squirrels. You can also hunt for wild boars, game birds and whitetail deer in the regions. Discussed below are ten of the best hunting places in the United States.

1. Appleton, Wisconsin


Appleton, a city in Winnebago, Calumet and Outagamie counties, is the leading whitetail deer hunting spot in the US. The town lies on the Fox River 100 miles north of Milwaukee and 30 miles southwest of Green Bay. With a population of 72,623 as of 2010, Appleton serves as the county seat of Outagamie County. The spot has an area of 24.97 square miles (24.48 square miles of it is land, and 0.49 square miles is water).

Besides being a great whitetail deer shooting place, Appleton is home to several facilities. They include ThedaCare Regional Medical Center, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Appleton International Hospital and Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. Appleton accommodates 4 community parks and 24 neighborhood parks. The Memorial Park, which covers 139 acres, is the largest community park in the town.

2. Southwestern Connecticut

Southwestern Connecticut consistently reports the most expensive homes and the highest cost of living in the US. The town is also home to thick and plentiful whitetail deer. The Connecticut State recently opened a crossbow season in the area to encourage hunting.

The town contains about five performing arts centers, six nightlife clubs, and three major shopping malls. You can also find over 16 sight-viewing spots, eight big hotels, and fourteen restaurants in the area. Southwestern Connecticut is home to some white-collar executives working in New York City.

3. Vassalboro, Maine


Located in the southern part of Kennebec County, Maine, Vassalboro is a nationally-acclaimed turkey shooting spot. According to the 2010 US census report, the population at Vassalboro stands at 4,340 people. The town includes villages of East Vassalboro, North Vassalboro, Getchell’s Corner, and Riverside.

Vassalboro occupies a total area of 47.81 square miles of which 3.54 square miles of its land is water, and 44.27 square miles is land. Kennebec River passes on the west side of the town. Vassalboro also partially has access to the China Lake.

4. Lenape Farms, New Jersey


Lenape Farms occupy a 5,000-acre land owned by the New Jersey State. Lenape Farms feature beautiful wetlands and woodlands for bird viewing and shooting coyotes, otters, beavers, and deer. Notable sceneries in Lenape Farms include the Manahawkin Swamp, Walker’s Forge Road, and Jackson Creek. Check New Jersey’s hunting regulations before visiting Lenape Farms.

5. Lake Umbagog, New Hampshire


Lake Umbagog is a great hunting spot for coyotes, moose, whitetail deer, bears, woodcocks, crows, geese, and ducks. Umbagog Lake lies in between Coos County, Hampshire, and Oxford County, Main. The water body is among the pristine natural features in New Hampshire State.

The word ‘Umbagog‘means ‘shallow water’ in the Abenaki language. Umbagog Lake is part of the Umbagog Lake State Park and Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge. There are public boat launch ramp and public campground along the southernmost shore. When going to hunt in the area, you can camp in over 33 wilderness campsites that are only accessible by boat.

6. Wilson Hill, New York

Willson Hill, New York
Willson Hill, New York

As a prime hunting area for deer, Wilson Hill features magnificent landscapes among other natural sceneries. The spot receives thousands of local and international tourists during the fall season. Wilson Hill lies in St. Lawrence River five miles upstream of Massena, New York. Wilson Hill has over 160 cottages and homes for tourists.

7. Rodman’s Hollow, Rhode Island

Rodman’s Hollow is home to up to 100 whitetail deer per square mile. The hunting destination features several natural sceneries including a pristine beach and towering bluffs. Rodman’s Hollow, which is a glacial outwash plain occupying a 230-acre perimeter, offers panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Besides hunting in Rodman’s Hollow, you can visit the interactive art project known as Glass Float Project. The area also features multiple trails that hunters can walk through. Other notable sceneries in Rodman’s Hollow include Black Rock Beach and Fresh Pond.

8. Burrage Pond, Massachusetts

Burrage Pond, which covers 1,638 acres, is a nationally-acclaimed duck hunting spot in the US. The Massachusetts state created it back in 2002 after purchasing land previously used for cranberry bogs. Burrage Pound is an ideal shooting place since 90 percent of its trails are entirely flat.

The central park in the area features bogs on one side and a large pond on the other. Hunters can easily navigate through the 15 miles of trail in Burrage Pond. Besides hunting, Burrage Pond is an ideal destination for bird viewing and fishing.

9. Charleston-Beckley Corridor, West Virginia

West Virginia
West Virginia

The Charleston-Beckley corridor in West Virginia boasts of a large population of black bears. You can also find squirrels and deer in this spot. The 60-mile corridor features adequate public land locals can use to hunt.

According to West Virginia’s Department of Natural Resources, hunters managed to take down about 1,893 black bears in 2014 alone. The state department also noted that the most suitable hunting spots for archers in Charleston-Beckley include Randolph, Nicholas, Fayette, Preston, and Webster counties. Hunters who use guns mostly target bears in Webster, Pendleton, Greenbrier, Randolph, and Pocahontas counties.

10. The Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont

Green mountain
Green mountain

Green Mountain National Forest is a prime hunting area for white-tailed deer, black bears, coyote, moose, and beaver. The natural reserve also houses various bird species including ruffed grouse and wild turkey. Vermont residents refer Green Mountain to as the ‘granite backbone’ since it has the largest contiguous land mass in the state.

The three nationally designated trails in Green Mountain include the Robert Frost National Recreation Trail, the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail. Green Mountain also features seven Nordic ski areas and three alpine ski areas that are suitable for both hunters and tourists. The forest contains about 900 miles of multiple-use trails known for bicycling, horseback riding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and hiking.

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