My hunting days


I live in a small country in South Asia. I don’t want to tell my country’s name here. Because hunting is prohibited here like Bangladesh and India.

My cousin lived with us. When I was a child, my cousin went to hunting birds. I also went with him as an assistant. He was a sharpshooter and a great hunter. But we’re not rich enough to buy an airgun at that time. He used to borrow his friend’s air gun for hunting. As he was very sharpshooter, everybody gives their gun to him. He used to hunt with double barrel shotgun, .22 rimfire rifle, and airgun. But he mostly hunted with an airgun- Diana mod 35. It was the best airgun at that time. I’m telling the story of 1980. After he got married and busy with his career, he left hunting.

My airgun buying history

I love air rifle from that time. But I couldn’t buy any. After many years, when I’m ready to buy something, I decided to buy an airgun. But when I wanted to know about a price of airgun, I was shocked. It is very expensive. A new Diana airgun price is above one lac. So I decided to buy a second-hand airgun from one and only gunshop of our town. That time, I don’t have any experience in an airgun. That shopper took the chance. He sold the worst airgun to me that couldn’t do anything.

Loss project

After coming back to my village with that airgun, I started to practice aim with my nephew. But why it’s pellet not hit the target correctly? It was so low powered. Sometimes, the pellet couldn’t leave the barrel. I was very worried. There is another man in our area. I went to him and said about the problem. He was also a hunter, but he was dishonest also. He said if you change your spring and washer, it’ll be great again. I told him to do so. The speed changed after that, but no pellet is hitting the target. After few days, I sold the gun by losing 5k bucks. 

Then I buy a second hand Hatsan 95. It was powerful, but it sometimes didn’t load or fire pellet suddenly without pulling the trigger. I couldn’t hunt any bird with it. It was very risky for this reason. So, I had to sell it again by losing 13k. I buy than a new Indian gun. It was SDB classic. It was not too expensive. In short range, it hits the target quiet good. I hunt many doves with it. But It is a low powered gun. You have to shot to the target between 15-20 feet. Its trigger was also very hard to pull.

I wanted to quit hunting several times. But it is an addiction you can’t leave. One day I went hunting with my son and daughter. After coming from hunting, we three fell ill. My superstition grew, I thought my hunting is the reason for our illness. So, I sold that Indian airgun again.

I know you are already bored with my story. My other cousin also gave me his Diana 35 as a gift. It was good but .177 caliber. So, it was difficult to hunt. I have to buy again another Indian SDB classic, Hatsan 95 but not satisfied with them.

India, Turkey, and back to Germany

After that, I bought Diana 66 airgun. It was a very good gun. It was perfect for bird hunting. Diana 66 not available right now, but RWS Diana 34 is very close to 66 in performance and look. I also install a BSA scope on it for the first time. I didn’t mention that in our area, most of the hunters don’t use a rifle scope. They rely upon on iron sight. But after using a rifle scope, I understood it’s a necessity. Every target is clear and near :-). After that, I cannot hunt without rifle scope. For a perfect pair, you need a good scope mount too. I use RWS mount which is too good.

Diana 66 has 800 fps power, slim design and lightweight. It looks like Diana 34 classic. But if you search Diana 66 photo in the google, you can’t match with my one. It is still a puzzle. I have sold it to join a course. After that, I change my pc with old but customized Diana 35 airgun. I cannot stay without an airgun.


But it is said that if you are a hunter, the economical problem won’t leave you. So, I had to sell it again. But the good thing is a powerhouse of a springer coming soon.

(to be continued…)

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