Is a cheap scope good choice? Let’s check one of them.

There are lots of scope makers on the earth. Those are Leopold, Leapers, Hawke and many more. Those are too good. But their price is also higher. This time our Postwolf team research for a good scope that can fulfill your requirements and wouldn’t empty your bank account.

Most websites review 5/10/15 best scopes (we do also) to buy blah blah. But We think it makes confusion to the buyers. So, today we will discuss only one product. Here it is:

CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope Red & Green &Blue Illuminated Reticle Scope with Fiber Optic Sight

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  • Magnification power: 4x,  Objective lens: 32mm, Field of view(feet/100 yards): 36.6, Length(inches): 5.5
  • High-performance optical scope with fiber optic sight for quick and accurate acquisition
  • Crisp image for accurate shooting. With the green multi-layer coated lenses, the tactical compact scope can shoot target fast and precisely with high light transmission and resolution
  • Glass etched reticle with tri-illuminations (green/red/ blue), 3 levels of brightness setting for each color allow shooters to find the perfect brightness needed for lighting and weather different conditions
  • Shockproof, recoil, fog resistance (nitrogen filled); a high-quality aluminum alloy in a durable black matte finish

What we like:

Fiber sight
Mechanical Fiber Sight
  • You see the difference between other scopes, it has fiber sight for close range. You cannot get this feature on the high-end scopes. Mechanical fiber scope and optics scope together enable you hunting accurately.
green lens
green lens
  • Its multi-coated green lens gives you higher transmittance and clearer image.


side rail
side rail
  • This scope comes with rails on the two sides, good for installing laser or flashlight.
  • It’s size only 5.5, suitable for quick moving and aiming.
  • Glass etched scope is always a better choice.



What we don’t like:

  • You have to buy a Picatinny rail if want to attach it on the dovetail.
  • We haven’t found any scope stop screw.
  • Dial limitations.
  • Shorter eye relief.
  • Don’t hold zero sometimes.


Final verdict

In the end, we have used many cheap Chinese scopes and their main problem is they can’t hold the zero. China can make the best things as well as the worst (Though we’re not telling it is the worst product, you get what you pay for). So, if you want to buy an iron sight or open sight, this scope will be too good. Because it has scope too. They are useful if you want a temporary scope at a low price.  But in our opinion, if you want a real scope, don’t buy a cheap and nonbrand scope. You’ll disappoint very soon.

Tips: You can use your old “non-holding zero scopes ” as a monocular. Other reviews on the long-range scopes are here.


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