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How to string a recurve bow


There are many ways to string a recurve bow. If you aren’t an expert, then don’t try it personally without getting enough knowledge to string. If you use an incorrect stringing method then it could cause damage to the bow. That is probably why you’re here!                             

If you’re a beginner archer, then you should learn to string and unstring a recurve bow carefully. In this article, we are going to share with you some methods to string a recurve bow. Let’s start-

How to string a recurve bow for the first time

Today, we are going to share two methods here-

  • 1.  string a recurve bow with a stringer
  • string a recurve bow without stringer by hand

If you want to string your recurve bow for the first time we recommend you to use the 1st method. Because of the 1st method the safest method better than the 2nd method.

Ultimately, we will help you to learn easily and safely to string your recurve bow. So, read this article attentively until you learn to string correctly.

When you start reading this article, you also could practice with our instructions. First completely read this article. After complete reading then read it again and practice at the same time. Because it is the best option for perfectly learn.

Am I right? Yeah.

Let’s start-

How to string a recurve bow with a stringer

I assume that you’re a new archer. As a new archer, when you want to string your bow then using stringer is safe for you.                                                 

Stringing and unstringing a bow are basic skills if you are an archer. The specialized tool bow-stringer helps you to do this job efficiently. A bow stringer is a cheap tool that designed to string bows. You can use it for safely and easily string and unstring your recurve bow without damage the bow limbs. This method is safe than other methods for you and your bow. We will share another method too, but this method is better for new archers. Bow manufacturers recommend for this method.

There are many kinds of bow stringer available on the market. The stringer bows come in 2 basic designs. One is a durable pocket and another one is a saddle type. And both types have a durable nylon rope. But all these functions are the same. It helps archers easily flex their bow.

In the below, we are going to show you the step-by-step process to string your bow with a stringer.

string a recurve bow
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Firstly, you need to find the top string loop of your bow. It is not so difficult to find. There is some difference between the top and bottom loop. Maybe, you already got it? If you didn’t see it, then look here –  that the top loop is larger than the bottom loop. Slide your bow string’s top loop above the bow’s top limb and place the bottom loop into the string nick on the bottom limb. You will find the string nick near the tip of each limb. Re-check these and confirm everything fits accurately. The string should have lots of loose as the bow is in a relaxed position.

recurve bow
Photo from wikihow

Secondly, you take the larger loop of your string and pull, it through the large loop of the stringer (The one that you just attached to the bow limb). Then place that large string loop onto the top part of your recurve bow and slide it down until it is aright flush with the stringer’s limb gripper.

recurve bow
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Thirdly, take the bottom loop of your stringer and push the smallest part of your recurve bow by you do it, and make sure that the loop fits perfectly into the string-groove at the top of the limb.

string a recurve bow
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Fourthly, slide the bottom bow limb through it and take the bottom loop of the bow stringer. Then lock gripper of the limb onto the bow and push it under the limb while it won’t slide any further.

string a recurve bow
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Fifthly, grab your bow by the riser and lower it to the ground, and then step with both your feet over the stringer. Then pull the bow upwards with one arm, while using the second arm to slide the top loop of the string into the string-groove in the limb. Use your finger to check that the string is seated correctly in the bow nock.

recurve bow
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Sixthly, take up the slack in the string and place the finger. Then confirm you have a secure grip and be prepared to pull upward, bending the bow limbs back toward the ground.

recurve bow
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At finally, check your bow perfectly. Now your recurve bow is properly strung and ready for shooting.

recurve bow
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How to string a recurve bow without stringer by hand

Do you know that it’s possible to string your recurve bow without stringer by hand? And the expert archers don’t recommend the method if you are a new archer. You might damage your equipment beyond repair and/or injure yourself. If you should determine to practice this way then you must keep in mind that the element of danger involved in doing so.

Keep in mind that this method is difficult to perform for the heavy bow. Stringing or re-string your bow without string by hand is the step through approach or method. You will find a string for a recurve bow is pretty 4 inches lower than the recurve bow itself. You have to set the string on behind. As written before, check all the elements you will be working with to rule out potential loss: Examining your string and bow is even more crucial while you are practicing a risky stringing system like the step through method. Put the top bowstring loop above the bow itself, but also under the prefabricated notch. Put the bottom bowstring loop inside the groove at the top recurve section of the bow.

At the beginning with the slider of the bow pointing away from your leg and keep in mind that the bowstring will be lying on the side nearest to your body, through the bowstring place your leg. When you do this, it will begin the recurve bow to relax against the opposing foot, and it makes a balance. At the top of your bow, place your hand and pull the recurve bow toward your body. You must loop it by your recurve bow and slide the bowstring higher. Double check it. You’re ready to go.

Unstring your recurve bow

Unstring your recurve bow not so difficult if you already know how to string it. When you want to unstring your recurve bow, then follow these simple method below-

Step through your left leg into the bow. Keep the bow’s top side by your hand. Put your right leg get it and bring the bow closely to your body and tight with the bench press position. Slide the bow down to unload the string.


Finally, if you read our full article for know, that how to string a recurve bow for the first time. Then I am sure that you can now string your recurve bow without any problem. Am I right? I know that your answer is also definite.

We hope that this article helped you a lot. If you have any suggestion or question about this article then comment below. We will be happy to get your suggestion or reply to your question. If you find this article helpful then you can share this article with your friends too. So that, they also can learn string a recurve bow from here.

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