Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Do you like climbing mountains, trekking, hiking, or generally relaxing outdoors? Have you been searching for the right kind of attire to put on while outdoors? You have indeed arrived at the right place. We are here to help you to accomplish this very role. We have carried out extensive research into the matter and are glad to present you our findings of best tactical pants here under.


The following are some of the top tactical pants on the market today:

#1: New Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants Ranger  Green 34 

New Crye Precision G3 Combat pants Ranger Green 34 (2)


Are you searching for the right pants for rigorous activities? If you answered in the affirmative, you have these pants for your taking. They are so designed as to stretch and contract repeatedly within the shortest time possible. This is not to mention that they still retain their texture and luster.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Unique-padded Waistband

A unique-padded waistband comes in first. This padding has basically been put in place to offer added comfort to the waist region. It, therefore, prevents the formations of crease lines and blisters. It also allows you to wear it for an extended duration of time without any boredom or fatigue.

Hi-mobility Stretch Panels

At its knee and the lower back are high-mobility stretch panels. These ones basically extend whenever some force is applied to them. This way, they allow for the accommodation of various sizes of wearers. They also prevent the possibilities of hindering mobility and hence allow you to stretch yourself fully and unhindered.

4-way Stretch-woven Accents

Throughout the fabric of the pants are four-way stretch-woven accents. These are solely put in place to enhance the appearance of the pants altogether. Besides merely being able to perform the bare minimum chores, the pants will also enhance your overall appearance. The pleasure of maximum beauty is thus yours to leverage.


• Serves as a no-compromise assault uniform
• Aggressively cut for topnotch performance
• Enhances your mobility tremendously
• Has 10 pockets for comprehensive storage
• Allows you to adjust the weight to accommodate different wearers.


• Only for casual use
• Difficult to keep clean
• Expensive to afford

Final Word

Your answer for those rigorous moments rests with the acquisition of this set of pants. As you may already deduce, the pants are strong, agile, and very resilient to intense pressure and abuse. You want to carry them along with you in the next outdoor activity.

#2: LA Police Gear Men Operator Tactical Pant Elastic Waistband

LA Police Gear Men Operator Tactical Pant Elastic Waistband
LA Police Gear Men 

Is all you are looking for in a tactical pant the ability to carry many tools and items at a time? Look to no other pant than this one. It has numerous pockets that are basically able to handle and accommodate all kinds of devices. Moreover, it is also strong enough to endure great weight.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

High-strength YKK Zipper

A high-strength YKK zipper comes in first. Unlike the zippers of the ordinary pants, this one is made of plastic. It is, therefore, more delicate and easier to handle than the other kinds of zippers. Moreover, it is also less injurious and thus great to possess. You will find it quite convenient to engage.

Brass Tac-stud Closure

Its closure comes in the form of the brass tac-stud. It is on the whole quite strong and very simple to engage. By virtue of this arrangement and construction, you should expect to enjoy two major benefits. These are the maximum reliability as well as convenience in times of engagement.

Reinforced Knees

Lastly, the knees of the pant are also reinforced. The same case applies to the seat. These reinforcements basically add strength and durability to the said parts of the garment. They confer extra thickness which in turn cushions and forestalls tears. The end result is the prolonged reliability of use.


• Confers extra comfort by reason of possessing an elastic waistband
• Has a large storage capacity for carrying even the largest items
• Enables quick and unobstructed access to the interior pocket contents
• Handles all kinds of items like tools, knives, phones, and pens
• Accessible from whichever standing or sitting position


• Less durable zippers (owing to plastic construction)
• Not so great at absorbing shocks and moisture
• Cannot endure intense physical activities

Final Word

To save yourself a bit of time and stress, you have this pant for your taking. It is indeed packed with plenty of pockets that jointly bring about large storage spaces. You will enjoy the benefit of utmost convenience in times of use also.

#3: BlackC Sports BDU Pants Military Camouflage Paratrooper Tactical Fatigue Camo Pants

BlackC Sport Tactical Camo pant
BlackC Sports Tactical Camo pant


To completPantenjoy your time outdoors, you need a set of pants that camouflage you wholly. No other set of pants does this job better than this one. Its outer appearance, color, decorations, and adornments are all geared towards this end. It subsequently blends well with the ambient environment.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Washed Cotton Blend

On the whole, the pant is made of a blend of cotton materials. Cotton being strong and durable, the pant is similarly stable, more durable, and pretty resistant to the various agents of deterioration. This also means it can withstand the various agents of deterioration pretty well.

Waist Tabs

At its waist region are two waist tabs that measure 2 inches. These tabs are fixed there to confer added comfort. They minimize the direct contact of the fabric with your body and hence reduce the strains. You will enjoy the benefit of added warmth and unhindered flow of blood.

Multiple Pockets

Lastly, the pants do come along with numerous pockets. Together, these pockets number around eight. These are fixed in place for the purpose of safeguarding the various items, accessories, and gears you might want to carry along. You will also enjoy the pleasure of maximum convenience and reduced need for carrying extra bags.


• Has adjustable tabs which stretch and collapses to accommodate different waists
• Made of the super soft material for maximum comfort
• Lasts longer by reason of withstanding wears and abuse
• Makes you feel very great and proud
• Quite reliable for everyday use


• Has a nondescript appearance
• Tears easily when subjected to intense forces
• Not so easy to keep clean

Final Word

Take care of your safety while in the bush by staying completely anonymous. No other set of pants guarantees you this better than this particular pair. You do not want to gamble by selecting any other pair, do you?

#4: Pentagon Vorras Men’s Climbing Pants Camo Green

Pentagon Vorras Men's Climbing Pants Camo Green
Pentagon Vorras Men’s 


Do you intend to go on a mountain climbing mission? If you answered ‘yes,’ you have to acquire and utilize these set of pants. This is because the pants are strong, stretchy, and well able to handle all kinds of stress and pressure. This is not to mention that they are very durable as well.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Zipped Ventilation System

First and foremost, the pants are highly ventilated. The fabric that is used to make them possess numerous pores. It also has a mesh on either side. These let in fresh air and allow for the exhale of the stale air. This arrangement allows you to stay fresh and healthy at all times.

Water-resistant Construction

On the whole, the pant is extremely resistant to water. This is due to the use of heavy-duty materials. Regardless of the prevailing humidity or moisture levels, you may count on the pants not to let you down at all. Instead, you may look to wear them at all times and under all circumstances.

Diamond Crotch Design

Lastly comes the diamond crotch design. The design adorns the crotch region of the pant. It is set there exclusively for the purposes of strengthening the region and to expedite the movements. This design allows you to tackle the extremely harsh mountains with ease. They also minimize fatigue and boredom.


• Has two pockets at the front which allow for easy access to gears
• Handles larger cargo courtesy of the cargo-style pockets
• Secures contents effective due to the covered zippers
• Possesses stronger seams by reason of the 203 mm double stitching
• Triple-stitched on all the stress points for added strength


• Not for intense use
• This brand is not so reputable
• Allows only for hand wash

Final Word

You do not want to jeopardize yourself as you climb those steep and difficult mountains. You have your best bet in this particular set of pants. Its strength, reinforcement and durable fabrics are all geared to this end.

#5: TACVASEN Men’s Tactical Cargo Pants Outdoor Sports Military Ripstop Pants

TACVASEN Men's Tactical Cargo Pants Outdoor Sports Military Ripstop Pants
TACVASEN Men’s Tactical Cargo Pants 


Outdoor activities are typical rigorous and involving. They call for pants that are lighter in weight, compact in size, stretchy, and agile. No other garment facilitates these activities better than this one. It embodies all those crucial traits and is thus better placed to perform those roles.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Dual Front D Rings

At the front portion of the pants are some two D rings. These rings are placed there for the purpose of hanging objects. These could mainly include the various camping gears like ropes and bags. Being strategically located, the rings are easier to access. They are also stronger and long-lasting.

Slope-type Ankle strap

At the sides of the pants are the slope-type ankle straps. These are fasteners which strengthen the pants altogether. They come in handy mostly when there is too much load or stress on the pants. It is at such times that they are engaged to offer added support to the pants.

Polyester Rip-stop fabric

In all, the pants are made of the Polyester material that resists ripping and tears. The material is strong, stretchy and able to bear the heaviest loads available. By reason of this arrangement, the pants are also long-lasting and quite resilient to the various agents of wear and tear.


• Resists scratch effectively
• Does not absorb water and moisture
• Contains numerous pockets for comprehensive storage
• Has an elastic waist for accommodating different sizes of wearers
• Comes along with a zipper fly with a button for effective fastening


• The fabric is not so durable
• Backed by a poor manufacturer’s warranty
• Catches dirt easily

Final Word

For you to truly enjoy your outdoor activities, you have this particular set of pants for your taking. As you may well have noted, it embodies all the vital traits of the ideal pant for that purpose. You want to acquire and leverage it for your next outdoor activity.

#6: FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Men Teflon Scratch-Resistant Pants

FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Men Teflon Scratch-Resistant Pants


Hiking year-round requires a pretty reliable set of pants. This is due to the changes and alterations in the external environmental conditions. Only a durable and specially designed set of pants can offer the needed levels of performance. Look to no other set of pants than this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Safe Velcro Design

On the whole, the pants feature the safe Velcro design. This design basically guarantees effective fastening of the various kinds and parts of the fabrics. It gives rise to wholesome support to the weight of the pant. It also confers unhindered access to the interior portions of the garment.

YKK Zipper Fly Closure

The YKK zipper fly closure comes in next. With this zipper, you will be able to open or close the garment with ease. It is also strong and durable. This way, it withstands years and years of abuse. You may, therefore, look up to it under all circumstances imaginable.

DuPont Teflon Fabric

Its last topnotch feature is the DuPont Teflon fabric. This one is formulated in such a way as to effectively repel stains and liquids. It is the exact trait that makes the pant able to endure wet and highly humid conditions. This is not to mention that it also lasts longer on average.


• Reinforced at the knees to guard against rapid deterioration
• Great at keeping off water and moisture
• Quite flexible and allows for easy mobility
• Hangs the tools easily due to dedicated pockets
• Resists fades, water, and wrinkles effectively


• Not so great for outdoors
• Susceptible to tears
• Retains water easily and hence sustains molds

Final Word

Save yourself some bit of time and resource base. Get hold of this awesome tough, durable, and reliable hiking pant. You do not want to tire yourself unnecessarily as you tackle those heavy mountains, would you? This indeed is the one to settle for.

#7: Aggressor Flex – Tactical Pants – Men Black Cotton with Cargo Pockets

Aggressor Flex - Tactical Pants - Men Black Cotton with Cargo Pockets
Aggressor Flex – Tactical 


Do you have several purposes in mind? If you replied in the affirmative, your best bet is on this specific multipurpose set of pants. It has, by virtue of its special makeup and composition, able to perform numerous related chores at a time. This subsequently guarantees you higher outcomes.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Unhindered Maneuverability

By far its most significant benefits if the ease of and unhindered maneuverability. This arrangement is mainly made possible by the stretching capability of the fabric that makes up the pant. It does not tear at all when engaged and is therefore very reliable. This is what makes it suited for use in harsh environments.

Reinforced Knee and Compartment

At the knees are some reinforcements in the forms of the knee pads. These reinforcements basically add some strength and reliability to the said parts of the pants. They also make it possible for you to confront the various agents of wear and tear with much ease and fewer worries.

Self-adjustable Waist Band

At the waist region is the self-adjustable waistband. These allow for the ultimate freedom of movement. This is because they can stretch and compress at will and without much effort on your part. They can also accommodate wearers of various dimensions as they can adjust to fit their unique sizes.


• Adorned with several pockets for comprehensive storage
• Easily accessible storage compartments
• Heavily-regulated bottom for enhanced storage
• Very comfortable to wear and walk around with
• Fits all sizes due to the adjustable weight and dimensions


• Only for men (not for women)
• Requires stronger muscles to operate
• Prone to vibrations and disturbances

Final Word

Perhaps no other set of pants guarantees you great monetary savings than this one. It is indeed comprehensive in both scope and construction, as you have already seen. By reason of this, it is more likely to yield you a fair degree of convenience. Try it out soonest possible.

#8: KYhao Military Paintball Camo Tactical Combat Trousers Airsoft Pants

KYhao Military Paintball Camo Tactical Combat Trousers Airsoft Pants
KYhao Military 


If you fancy extremely rigorous outdoor activities, you yet again have this set of pants for your taking. The trousers are extremely durable and well able to confront the harshest stress loads and impacts with utmost reliability. This stems from the durable materials that constitute its structure and makeup.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Multi-pocket Design

It does have numerous pockets at the front, back and sides. These pockets are jointly large enough to accommodate all kinds of gears. They are strong and easily accessible as well. You will therefore not have to carry too many bags and luggage to accommodate the extra gears.

Knee Pads

The knee pads come in next. They reinforce and adorn the knee regions of the pants. This way, they lengthen the lifespan of the knee regions and make the well able to handle persistent abuse. You will thus be spared of the need to invest too much to repair and maintain the trousers.

Polyester Teflon Coating

Throughout the exterior of the fabric is the Polyester Teflon coating. This material adds strength and durability to the fabric that makes up the pants. It reduces the pace of wear and tear. It also spares you of the need to spend too much of your money to keep the pants in good shape.


• Accommodates different sizes of wearers
• Made of the durable cotton material
• Weighs just about 0.8 kg
• Great for all kinds of rigorous sporting activities
• Nice for outdoor activities too!


• Not for everyday wears
• Performs limited roles
• Brings in fewer returns

Final Word

If your entire life is centered on the outdoors, you desperately have to purchase this particular set of pants. Its ability to handle extremely rigorous activities makes it suited for repeated use. Its durability is yet another reason you have to make an effort to acquire it.

#9: EKLENTSON Men’s Rip Stop Combat Tactical Military Pants

EKLENTSON Men's Rip Stop Combat Tactical Military Pants


To be able to enjoy your outdoor activities wholly, you need a set of pants that are comprehensive in scope. This can only happen if the one you eventually settle for has numerous pockets and is also strong enough to accommodate heavier weights. You have no better friend than this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Zip Fly

The zip fly comes in first and foremost. The fly is extremely durable and well able to handle persistent abuse and intense pressure. By reason of this arrangement, you may be sure to enjoy uninterrupted use. Moreover, it does have a button closure as well. This complements the closure of the attire.

Durable Brass Zipper Closure

A durable brass zipper closure comes in next. It is by use of this closure that you seal your body fully from external exposure. The zipper, by virtue of being made of the durable brass material, is indeed resilient to the common agents of abuse. It is indeed reliable in the long run.

Metal Alloy Button

Lastly, the high-quality high-strength metal alloy button closes the list of its outstanding features. This button is strong and reliable. It can handle and accommodate a higher weight capacity. It is the button that in fact makes it possible for you to carry many gears and items at a time.


• Made purely of cotton material
• Resists tears and ripping well
• Great for all kinds of outdoor and adventure activities
• Stores pens and cell phones properly
• Available in all kinds of sizes


• A bit bulky to wear
• Requires too much effort to clean
• Calls for plenty of storage space

Final Word

Your answer for the most reliable set of pants is clearly provided for this particular pant. It has all the various features and capabilities a good pant of its caliber ought to possess. Why don’t you get the guesswork out of your mind by settling for this once and for all?

#10: HELIKON-TEX Urban Line, UTP Urban Tactical Pants, Military Ripstop Cargo Style, Men’s

HELIKON-TEX Urban Line, UTP Urban Tactical Pants, Military Ripstop Cargo Style, Men's


Do you just want a set of pants for everyday casual wear? This indeed is the one to look up to. It incorporates all the vital traits of the ideal set of tactical pants. As such, it is a one-stop-shop solution for all manner of uses. Why don’t you give it a try today?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

YKK Zipper and Single Fold

The YKK zipper and the single fold are the two most outstanding features of this multipurpose set of tactical pants. They jointly work to confer the benefits of simplified opening and closure of the pants. They also allow for the increased capacity of the said attire to accommodate extra capacity.

Profiled Front and Rear

It also possesses the profiled and the rear legs and around the knees. These profiles are generally meant to enhance the durability of the said parts and components. They subsequently improve the overall reliability of the said pants by making them able to confront tough chores. This also negates frequent repairs and maintenance.

Hook-and-loop Fastener

Lastly, the set of pants is equipped with the hook-and-loop fastener. This is a patented and very reliable set of the fastener. It allows for easy access into and out of the pants. The fastener is also strong enough to withstand frequent abuse. You, therefore, have the pleasure of maximum reliability for your taking.


• Good for those circumstances that call for prompt responses
• Withstands a variety of climates and environmental conditions
• Stitched thoroughly for outdoor endurance
• Extra-padded internal pockets and knee pads for added strength
• Handles all kinds of uses and applications


• Comes incomplete and in need of some accessories
• Weighs a whopping 1.3 pounds
• Does cost a fortune

Final Word

Your casual wears can still be durable. This is especially the case if you settle for a good trouser of this kind. If I were in your shoe, I would search and find the pant wherever and whenever I possibly can. You have no worthier companion than this.


To find the best tactical pants, you have to consider the following factors:


By far the most significant consideration should be gender. This is because the pants are generally intended for either the male or the female. Very few of them are unisex. To avoid unnecessary strains and inconveniences, you want one that is as relevant to your gender as possible.

Intended Use

What exactly do you want to devote the tactical pant to? Is it for general wears, camping, hiking, jungles, or sporting activities? It is necessary also to delineate your intended use first and foremost. This will see to it that you acquire only that pant that can be as relevant to you as possible.

Environmental Conditions

Just like the uses, these pants are also designed for different environmental and climatic conditions. These include the snow, heat, rain, and windy conditions, among others. You should, therefore, determine exactly the kind of environmental condition you plan to use the pants in. This way, you will be able to arrive at a more relevant gear.

Frequency of Use

How often you plan to use the pants also has a bearing on the one to settle for. If you want one to wear every day, you will have to find one that is extremely durable. If on the other hand, you want one for occasional use, any ordinary one will do just fine.

Cleaning Methods and Resources

You will definitely have to clean these pants from time to time. Take care to find one that is convenient for you to keep clean. You should also be certain to possess the various washing equipment such as the washing machines. The same should also apply to the washing detergents.

Material Composition

Lastly, it is necessary to factor the material composition of the attire as well. The right material has to be highly breathable, very stretchy, soft, and needless to say, comfortable. By far the three top materials at the moment are the cotton, polyester, and nylon. They are the ones which are most likely to exude the stated benefits.


To properly use the tactical pants, you have to adhere to the following tips:

Tip #1: Wear moderately

Just like every other kind of item, the tactical pants to require moderate use and applications. As such, you have to wear them moderately. This way, they will wear out at a comparatively slower pace.

Tip #2: Clean thoroughly and appropriately

Immediately after each wear, you have to clean them thoroughly and appropriately. Use the right detergent, washing method, and washing equipment for the jobs. This way, the fabric shall last longer and serve you well in the long run.

Tip #3: Store well

You have to store these pants well. Avoid placing them in damp locations as they might catch molds.

Tip #4: Dry thoroughly before storage

You should also see to it that you dry and aerate them thoroughly before storage. This is to keep the fabrics stronger for longer.

Tip #5: Keep off flames and harsh chemicals

Keep them as far away from any flammable substances. This is to prevent them from catching fires or sustaining acid burns. Remember to lock them up while going for a journey.


You have undoubtedly obtained the necessary guidance. It is not enough to obtain the head knowledge alone. It pays to go deeper to make a purchase of at least one of the pants we have reviewed above. It is one than that you will be able to enjoy the accompanying benefits. And because you do not want to gain alone, it pays to share this information with as many others as possible.

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