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Best Swing Hanging Kit for indoor and outdoor

We always try to give our readers correct information about the smallest to large products. So, we have decided to make a review of some porch swing kits that really useful for outdoor and indoor. We have chosen the best products for you. Just look at the design which you want and buy them if you need them.

All information and contains collected from Amazon.com and customers review.

SwingMate Porch Swing Hanging Kit

Product features

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USES: Enjoy your outdoor recreation with our SwingMate swing hanger kit which is specifically designed to hang your swing bench, hanging chair, hammock or hammock chair. Introducing a unique even suspension system for hours of movement in silence with safe, smooth swinging pleasure. Perfect for your patio, porch, horizontal tree log or ceiling mount. The total kit weight capacity is 750 lbs.
  • SUPER DURABILITY: These Porch Swing Hangers are crafted with **extremely** durable Glass reinforced nylon with a galvanized steel eyehook core. The springs are zinc plated and clear coated to protect against all- weather elements. The entire kit is rust-resistant and meant to withstand the wear and tear of indoor or outdoor use.
  • SAFE, SMOOTH & EASY TO INSTALL: Just follow the easy to install instructions and enjoy your leisure sway in the fresh air! SILENT & SMOOTH, there are NO HOOKS, NO SQUEAKING, and NO RUBBING! WORRIED ABOUT THE SAFETY? These heavy-duty springs are tightly coiled for shock absorption which is safe for adults and children of all ages.
  • ELASTICITY MECHANISM: In comparison to other suspensions hangers hardware, SwingMate works differently; The mechanism of the springs are superficially designed to allow the same elasticity for an adult as for a child. The exclusive spring design shape and high-quality components are symmetrically arranged inside stable housing ensuring hours of silent movement.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: You don’t want to compromise on safety, and you shouldn’t compromise on quality either. We guarantee our porch swing or hammock hanging kit will provide you with smooth motion and relaxing experience, or we will refund your entire purchase.

Product description

They’ve paired our must-have swing hanging hooks with customer-favorite metal comfort springs to make your new porch swing easy to hang and as comfortable as possible. They are super versatile for either ceiling suspension uses, porch or patio swing mounting or hammock chair. The springs offer even suspension for smooth motion. The total kit weight capacity is 750 lbs.

The springs are tightly coiled together for effective shock absorption enhancing the comfort of your porch swing with every movement.

Crafted from durable metal, the two swing hanging hooks are plastic-coated and meant to withstand the wear and tear of indoor or outdoor use. The hangers are made with glass and reinforced nylon plastic around the metal that ensures the longevity of the piece.

The comfort springs are made with high-strength steel, which is zinc-plated and clear-coated to provide protection against the elements and rust-resistant.

2 Porch Swing Hangers
2 Heavy-Duty Springs

Due to the versatile mounting surfaces of this kit, you will need the following additional bolts to install this hanging kit (Not Included):

If mounted into wood or deteriorating stucco material, you will need two 2.5” x .5” diameter wood screws or lag screws/bolts (available at your local hardware store).

If mounted into concrete material, you will need two 2.5” x .5” diameter concrete anchors (available at your local hardware store).


  • Would these hold up a swing on a porch? There are no 2x4s We believe it is just wood.              You need to find studs to bolt into. What’s holding up the wood must have studs somewhere.
  • Did not realize they were essentially made of plastic, anyone had any issues? No, they are a very heavy duty! I called the manufacturer and he said the two will hold 1000 pounds!
  • Can these hooks be used on stucco? The kit has two brackets that must be mounted with lag bolts into the wood structural members (Joists, rafters) that are above the stucco ceiling. The lag bolts are not provided, but you will need to get about an inch longer than the specifications in the instruction.
  • Can these hooks be used for a young adult’s swing? Yes, I have had them installed for over a year and they work and look like new.

Barn-Shed-Play 4 Hole Heavy Duty Hangers And Springs Porch Swing Hanging Kit


These are very high end and durable springs and galvanized hinges for use with a porch swing. Due to the orientation of the hinges versus the run of the ceiling joists, it’s not possible to install the hinges directly onto the joists. You need to use a 2×6 and span it across 4 ceiling joists using 4.5” structural screws (2 per joist); this distributes the weight of the swing across multiple joists. After a few weeks, the hinges started to squeak whilst swinging…but it’s not a few squirts of WD40 didn’t fix! We highly recommend for your porch swing!

  • Pack of 2 commercial swing hangers. Features cast steel construction.
  • Weight Limit is 500 lbs per hanger. 1000 lbs total.
  • Pivot bolt suspends nylon bushing
  • Mounting holes are 3/8″ diameter and 3 5/8″ apart. Overall dimensions: 5W x 2.5D x 4.25H inches. 1 inch eye-opening. Mounting hardware not included.
  • Set of two comfort springs. Each spring has a weight capacity of 600 pounds. Creates even suspension and unparalleled swing comfort. Each spring measures 2D x 8.5L inches.


  • What is the distance between the front & back holes? I have 2, 2 by 12’s, and I’m wondering if the bolts will catch both boards.

If you mean the holes on the flat piece with the hanging loop, then those are not front/back holes. They are side to side holes. In order for the loop to swing freely, those holes will go perpendicular to whatever your hanging…. if that makes sense? I used them in a 4×4 beam and they fit wonderfully.

  • Will any of these components rust? Don’t think so. galvanized. had about a year no issues. nice product
  • Do any of these components rust? No rust so far. (after 1 year) very heavy duty springs and brackets.

KONGARO Porch Swing Hanging Kit – Up to 1,000 lbs 

The best, fastest, strongest and safest thanks to building your swing set.Bracket hardware sold-out individually. -Solid steel one-piece bracket with welded looks for the strongest and safest construction. -The frame bracket holds three swings. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -23 lbs. Swing Set A-Frame Brackets create building a swing set easier than ever.

You will be astounded by however quickly you’re able to complete your project. Our brackets square measure the strongest, safest, and best to put in. merely slide the wood into the bracket and screw the lag bolts into the pre-drilled holes. It’s that straightforward. No activity or cutting necessary. Designed for two – 4″x4″ legs, and one – 4″x6″ swing beam. Brackets square measure sold-out in pairs.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our a-frame swing set bracket hardware kit is constructed with the highest quality durable metal and top-grade components.
  • WHATS INCLUDED: 2 powder-coated brackets, 28 screws and 28 washers
  • SPECS: Commercial Grade 2mm thick, 4″x6″ metal brackets. Bracket opening measures 3-5/8″ x 5-5/8″. We suggest measuring your lumber before purchasing to ensure it meets those specifications
  • HEAVY-DUTY: Our durable and heavy-duty swing set hardware helps keep your children safe and secure while swinging!
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Buy our outdoor swing set bracket parts to worry-free! Don’t LOVE them? Simply return them!


  • Does this have to be concreted into the ground or can it be free-standing? Concrete is the only way to go.
  • What size are the predrilled holes?? I used 5/8 x 3″ wood lags. I also drilled 2 additional holes on the down flanges as they only have 1.
  • Is it a 90 degree a frame No…more like 45 degrees
  • Are the lag bolts included? No didn’t use lag bolts. We used very large wood screws.

Heavy Duty Swing Hangers:: Set of 2 Playset Hangers for Wooden Swing Sets

Review from a customer:

I decided to build my own swing set for my autistic 4 years old using the 123 easy eastern jungle gym brackets I bought on Amazon as well. It turned out really well! I already had one platform swing with some swing ties that I used in a tree at our old home but I bought a new half bucket swing for this project and needed hardware to hang it with so I bought this kit. It is great! I LOVE that it came with EVERYTHING you need to hang a swing, including wonderfully detailed instructions and the right size drill bit so you don’t have to guess or buy one! Plus the actual hangers themselves are about as heavy-duty as you could possibly hope for. My 220-pound husband hung/swung from the chains before we attached the swing just to make sure they were sturdy and they didn’t budge even the tiniest bit! We attached these to a 10′ 4×6 pressure treated cross beam.

Probably the only thing that I don’t absolutely love about it is that has rotating hangers. The ones I got to make some noise. Maybe they just need to be oiled with some WD40 but I would prefer that the hangers just be static and not have moving parts. I feel like it creates unnecessary additional friction. That being said the swing I hung with them swings smoothly and is VERY sturdy and secure and my son loves it (and he swings a LOT)!

If you’re interested in what I built and how I built it check out my review on the 123 Easy Jungle Gym bracket kit. I highly recommend these swing hangers for whatever you need! Hope this helps. I did NOT receive this item for free or at a discount.

Product Feature 

Talk about a turnkey solution. These 2 heavy-duty swing hangers come with all the hardware you’ll need for safe, easy installation.

When your kids’ safety is at stake, you don’t want to take any chances. You want the strongest, sturdiest, safest swing hanging kit you can find.

Check out this Swing Hanger Set, exclusively from Safe-Kidz. It’s exactly the same as the kind you’ll find on expensive high-end swing sets. In fact, it exceeds ASTM Standard 1148 for both strength & durability. So, you can rest assured your kids will be safely supported.

Everything You Need & Then Some Best of all, your Safe-Kidz Swing Mounting Kit is more complete than any other we’ve seen.

You get:

2 cast-iron swing hangers, each 2″ thick, with durable bronze bushings that never need lubrication
4 lag bolts, each 3″ x 3/8″
4 washers
2 sturdy steel snap hooks plus 1 custom drill bit, precisely the perfect size for the job at hand. What’s more, all the bolts are Dacromet-coated to resist rust & corrosion. (Ordinary plated hardware can’t compare.) Ideal for a Range of Swing Mounts

Use these versatile swing hangers to hang:

Kids’ swings on a wooden playset you’ve built yourself
Additional swings on an existing wood swing set
Bench or porch swings for grownups
Baby or toddler bucket swings & more. Plus, You Get Detailed InstructionsWe even include ASTM safety guidelines for properly spacing your swings. Get the Premium Swing Hanging Kit That Saves You Trips to the Hardware Store. Order Safe-Kidz Swing Hangers Now


  • How far apart are the holes in the bracket? My swingset has pre-drilled holes that are 3.75″ apart. Will this fit or would I have to drill new holes? fit perfect.
  • Are the bolts galvanized? No, they are plated.


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