Best Slingshot Videos review

Are you looking to get a slingshot for your next hunting escaped? Take a look at these videos to see what other slingshot users think of about some of the ones available in some of the online stores.

How to Shoot a Slingshot

Your first time with a slingshot can prove to be frustrating if you do not have any guidance from an experienced person. Zachary Fowler helps to reduce the mystery around the use of a slingshot by providing tips that help you know how to hold the piece, checking whether the target is right, and of course shooting the target.

This user also helps you to choose between the flat and rubber slingshot. Aside from that, he highlights the importance of over the top and wrapped around shooting techniques, and when they should be applied. Get more information on how to shoot a slingshot here.

Top Archery Slingshot Review

The first thing that this user note is that the slingshot has an evenly distributed rubber sling. The aluminum sling is also comfortable to grip since it is wrapped in leather in addition to being short and sturdy. Also, it has two bars that keep your fingers in place while you shoot. When it comes to setting up the sling, you do this with the help of screws. A flat rubber construction provides a smooth shot. This slingshot also has a target viewer, which is essential for helping you to check whether the target is in line with your shooting device. Visit this link for more details on how to use it.

Slingshot Flat Band Chronograph Test

If you are new to slingshots, one of the aspects you need to scrutinize before buying one is the rubber. It should be evenly distributed and strong. This video shows you what to look out for in a good sling while you shop. Each of these is made using various material including rubber and latex. The reviewer makes three shots using each slingshot before making for accuracy. This slingshot chronograph test video helps you choose a slingshot that has your speed requirements.


The Best Method for Tying flat bands to Slingshots

So you got yourself a slingshot and are wondering how you can tie the flat band before using the thing? Bill Hays shows you how to do so effortlessly, to ensure that it doesn’t dislodge while it’s in use. This, of course, is if you get a slingshot that does not have screws and holes for this purpose. He explains the importance of securing the band tightly by interlocking. View this six-minute video here for more intel.


Tying Tubular Slingshot Bands

Putting a flat band in place is different from tying a tubular slingshot. Once you have a look at the best method for tying flat bands, you will see the difference. The reviewer gives alternative options for getting pre-cut tubes for the sling. He recommends getting one with thicker walls if you want to get more speed and power. For the sake of measurement of the right length, he shows an already made slingshot jig that he uses for this exercise. He couples this up with a store-bought pouch. Follow this link for more.


Slingshots: Tying Leather to Surgical Tubing

When you need to improvise on tubular slingshot bands, surgical tubing is a fantastic option. Not only is strong and durable, but you also get to experience more velocity when you use it for tubing your slingshot. This particular slingshot user shows you how to make your pouch from scratch at home, then goes ahead to show you how you can tie the tubing to it. He also introduces you to new tools for this trade, which help you make holes for various sizes of tubular bands. Finally, he shows you how to attach the slingshot tube to the slingshot perfectly. See the full video here.


Best Natural Slingshots Ever by Jeog Spave

If you are looking for a slingshot that is more natural than artificial, check out Jeog Spave’s YouTube page. He is famous for making some of the best slingshots available. In this video, you see how he manages to come up with a slingshot curved out of dead wood. Jeog also shows slingshot users how to aim using one of the ten slingshots in the video. You have to watch this video for you to enjoy this segment.


Slingshot Ammo Types: Pros and Cons

Berlon Burch explains the various types of ammo available in the market and their uses. He goes on to review the perks and downsides of each ammo type. Some of the ammo types he talks about are steel, glass marble, clay, plastic ammo. Two of these are useful for hunting and sporting, while the other two are useful for just target shooting purposes. Follow this link to see what other benefits each ammo has, and how you can benefit from each.


Matching Bands to Ammo

Not every ammo type can be used on all bands. He uses a standard latex slingshot to elaborate on the importance of using the right ammo for your slingshot. This page by SimpleShot goes on to tell the viewers the demerits of using ammo that is too light or too heavy on the wrong kind of slingshot. These effects include fatigue, poor release, and hand slap, which result in less fun. Take a look at the entire video here. This reviewer has another video that elaborates the same using specific slingshots. Here is a link to it.

Band Longevity

Every slingshot user wants theirs to last the longest. However, a few practices that they practice regularly affect this. This includes exposure to UV rays, heat, and leaving them laying near electronics. Other factors that affect the longevity of a latex band include the number of times it is used, and how long it is stretched. The thickness of the band also contributes to this. Take a look at this longevity video to see how you can protect yours from quick damage.


So there you have it. Whether you are a newbie or an established shooter, these best slingshot videos will help you learn how to use, care for the slingshot, and also replace the necessary parts at home.

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