Best long range scope on a budget to buy for hunting in 2019


Are you a hunter, an investigator or a gaming enthusiast? Have you been looking for a worthy companion to walk with you? Are you looking for long range scope on a budget? If you answered in the affirmative, I am glad to let you know that you have landed on just the right page.

We are here to help you out. We have prepared this review and buying guide to aid persons of your kind to make worthy purchasing decisions. We have sampled seven of the best long range scopes on the market. We are going to review them and examine also those factors you need to consider while looking for the right scope.


#1: Monstrum Tactical 6-24×50 G2 First Focal Plane (FFP) Rifle Scope

Monstrum Tactical 6-24x50 G2 First Focal Plane (FFP) Rifle Scope
Monstrum Tactical 6-24×50 G2 First Focal Plane (FFP) Rifle Scope

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Are you cash-strapped yet still want to enjoy the highest possible levels of performance? If you answered ‘yes,’ this indeed is your scope of choice. It is built in such a way as to be able to deliver premium and high performance. It is also cheaper and on a budget scope.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Reticle Illumination

Its reticle may be illuminated. This illumination is made possible by the one-touch button. It exudes both the green and the red lights. These help you to see targets well in moments of poor visibility. It also the likelihoods of missed targets and brings about a higher success rate.

Multiple Brightness Intensities

You will also be able to vary the brightness of the illumination. In light of this, you will be able to use the scope in all kinds of lighting conditions. These include the low light, night time, and bright day, to mention but a few. The end result is greatly reduced eye strains.

High-precision Tactical Rifle Scope

Generally speaking, the lens of the scope is highly precise. It can magnify images from 6X to 24X. Regardless of the size of the object or its distance from you, be sure to generate awesome and clear images. It is also precise and leaves no room for doubt at all.


  • Enables sharper focus on the targets
  • Eliminates parallax error and its consequences
  • Pretty good at range estimation
  • Displays the easy-to-read ranging information
  • Images remain true regardless of magnification


  • Quite complicated to a simple user
  • Very bulky and inconvenient to handle
  • Requires plenty of storage space

#2: SECOZOOM 4-50x75mm Best Long Range Shooting Scope

SECOZOOM 4-50x75mm Best Long Range Shooting Scope with 75mm Sunshade 35mm one-piece Mounts
SECOZOOM 4-50x75mm Best Long Range Shooting Scope with 75mm Sunshade 35mm one-piece Mounts

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For shooting and hunting, you need a scope that is very responsive and able to capture images from long distances. No other scope guarantees this better than this one. It is tough, highly responsive and very able to handle such circumstances with utmost reliability.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Illuminated Mil-dot Reticle

Its reticle is highly illuminated. This brightens the targets and clearly delineates them for easy viewing. By reason of this arrangement, you will clearly see your targets and track their movements as well. The end result is minimal distortions and higher targets on the whole.

One-piece Anodized Aluminum Main Tube

Its tube, which confers support to the other components is made of the anodized Aluminum. This material is light in weight. It is however sturdy and also resistant to the external voltage and static electricity. You should thus expect the scope not to compromise the outcomes at all.

Fully Multi-coated Green Lens

Lastly comes the fully multi-coated green lens. The lens is the ones that narrow down to the targeted animal. Being multicolored, they eliminate any ambiguities that might often arise. They also leave behind great and clear images. In light of this, the lens is especially suited for night time use.


  • Has the longest zooming range of all the various scopes
  • Easy to adjust courtesy of the adjustment knobs
  • Possesses a pretty long tube
  • Usable on extended ranges such as those of hunting
  • Ideal for long distance shooting and hunting


  • Calls for huge muscle power to carry around
  • Does cost a fortune
  • Imposes some space strains while in use

#3: Primary Arms Orion ACSS Reticle 4-14X44mm Riflescope Front Focal Plane Non-Illuminated – PA4-14XFFP-ORION

Primary Arms Orion ACSS Reticle 4-14X44mm Riflescope Front Focal Plane Non-Illuminated - PA4-14XFFP-ORION
Primary Arms Orion ACSS Reticle 4-14X44mm Riflescope Front Focal Plane Non-Illuminated – PA4-14XFFP-ORION

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Hunting wild game is a very demanding chore. This is because most games are fast, slippery and operate nocturnally. As such, the best scope must similarly be highly responsive, fast and accurate. Look to no other scope than this one as it is designed for that.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Side-mounted Parallax Adjust Knob

A side-mounted parallax adjusts knob tops the list of its awesome features. The knob plays the role of keeping the reticle parallax-free. It also makes the target image sharper towards the extended ranges. This is the scope you want to acquire for those hunting escapades.

Quick-ranging and Wind Holds

Unlike most other scopes, the range of this one is easier to adjust. This stems from its highly responsive nature and also the demand for less effort. It is as a matter of fact calibrated for the different kinds of animals like coyote and the deer.

Patented ACSS Orion Reticle

The patented ACSS Orion retile concludes the list of its top features. The reticle retains the clarity and the size of the images under all circumstances. This goes a long way in enhancing the integrity of the outcomes and makes your hunting a worthwhile adventure indeed.


  • Pretty tough and very resilient to the various agents of abuse
  • Resists shock very well
  • Not affected by the percolation of water
  • Works well even in foggy conditions
  • Comes with a generous 3-year warranty


  • Lacks the illuminated reticle
  • Incomplete and requires other accessories
  • Less comprehensive in scope

#4: Primary Arms Platinum Series 6-30 X 56 FFP Rifle Scope DEKA MIL Reticle

Primary Arms Platinum Series 6-30 X 56 FFP Rifle Scope DEKA MIL Reticle
Primary Arms Platinum Series 6-30 X 56 FFP Rifle Scope DEKA MIL Reticle

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If you are that kind of a person who deals in venomous or dangerous animals, you never want to get too close to those animals at all. This is to shield yourself from the likelihood of being bitten or poisoned. Only a long-range vision scope of this kind may come to your rescue.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Aerospace-grade A6061-T6 Aluminum

Its entire casing is made of the aerospace-grade A6061-T6 Aluminum material. This is light in weight yet extremely tough. You will, therefore, find the scope quite convenient to carry around yet reliable under all sets of conditions. It also lasts longer as the result of this casing.

Optimized for Long Range Shooting

On the whole, the scope is optimized for long range targets. This arrangement negates the need to stay too close to the target before shooting or releasing the arrow. You will, therefore, find this scope a worthy companion for use in hunting wild and dangerous game.

Illuminated Reticle

Its reticle is also illuminated. This boosts your visibility and makes you narrow to the targets very accurately. Moreover, the illumination has 11 different brightness settings which also enhance the overall brightness of the images concerned. What a worthy companion this is?


  • Manages a whopping 6-30X magnification
  • Achieves high precisions at distances of 1,000 yards and beyond
  • Creates quick and correct ranging
  • Compatible with the night time vision capabilities
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


  • Not for short range use
  • Calls for higher expertise to handle
  • Has a nondescript appearance

#5: Neptune Optics Elite Sniper Long Range Tactical 4-16X44 30mm Tube Rifle Scope

Neptune Optics Elite Sniper Long Range Tactical 4-16X44 30mm Tube Rifle Scope
Neptune Optics Elite Sniper Long Range Tactical 4-16X44 30mm Tube Rifle Scope

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Night times differ markedly from the day times. This is because the visibility is poor and as such, it may never be so easy to keep track of the animals. This particular long range scope is intended for such times. This is because it is equipped with a host of nocturnal features that facilitate night time use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Tested for Longevity

In the course of its production, the long-range scope is tested around 1000 times. It, as a matter of fact, passed the 1000G/2000 times test. It can subsequently take up to 1200G peak recoil impacts. This way, it can perform optimally for an extended duration of time.

Side Parallax Setting

Its zero-lock and the zero-resetting mechanisms allow for the setting of the required controls and parameters. These two settings, therefore, allow for precise outcomes. You may, therefore, be sure to avoid unnecessary discrepancies that arise from poor measurements. This is not to mention robust outcomes as well.

Etched Glass Illumination

Lastly, it produces the etched glass illumination that is either red or green in color. These enhance your visibility at night. They also allow you to target your prey precisely and minimizes any misses. It is this specific trait that makes this scope great for nocturnal applications.


  • Completely sealed and ready for use
  • Nitrogen-filled for maximum safety
  • Unaffected by shocks and vibrations
  • Generates awesome images regardless of the fogs
  • Operates well even in rainy conditions


  • Weighty (weighs 17 pounds/7.7 kg)
  • Not so reputable brand
  • Delivers limited returns on investments

#6: Ade Advanced Optics 6-25×56 35mm Long Range Rifle Scope Mil-dot Bar Side Focus

Ade Advanced Optics 6-25x56 35mm
Ade Advanced Optics 6-25×56 35mm

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Do you just want a scope for general purpose applications? If you want so, you have this for your taking. The scope indeed possesses the bare minimum sets of features. It also lacks any specializations at all and is hence great for general purpose use and applications.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Heavy-duty One-piece Main Tube

Its most outstanding feature is the heavy-tube one-piece main tube. This forms the bedrock of the entire scope. It is on the tube that other features and parts are mounted. The tube also enables precise alignment of the lens and the other components.

Extended-range Tactical Riflescope

By possessing the long range 6-25x magnification as well as the 56 mm objective lens, the lens generates great images indeed. This extended range comes in handy while hunting as it brings about greater visibility. It also produces great images that are very clear indeed.

Mil-DotBar Reticle

Its final top trait is the Mil-DotBar reticle. The trait makes it possible for you to achieve precision controls courtesy of the 140 MOA adjustment. In light of this, you will enjoy awesome controls and not suffer the consequences of poor image quality at all.


  • Brings about unprecedented performance
  • Possesses the long 35 mm tube diameter
  • Comes along with mounting rings
  • Exudes some matte black finish for added aesthetics
  • Has the European-style eye focus which is pretty accurate


  • Possesses some fewer parts
  • Limited functionality
  • Demands frequent repairs

#7: Riton Optics RT-S Mod 7 5-25x56mm Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle FFP MOA Riflescope

Riton Optics RT-S Mod 7 5-25x56mm Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle FFP MOA Riflescope
Riton Optics RT-S Mod 7 5-25x56mm Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle FFP MOA Riflescope

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Learning and practicing are great as they help us to get acquainted with the various instruments such as the long range scope. Not every scope may help you to learn though. The only one that is basic and designed for the role like this may be relevant for you.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Push-Pull Locking

Top of its awesome is a push-pull locking mechanism. This one is pretty easy to use. It allows you to easily adjust the length of the tube and the focus of the lens. By possessing no turrets, it enables even the unskilled user to engage it conveniently.

Full Wide Band Coating

Throughout its exterior is the full wide coating. The coating seals the surface from external agents of deterioration like moisture, fog, and other contaminants. It prolongs the life of the scope and reduces the ugly scratch marks. It also reduces the maintenance fees.

Quick Windage and Elevation Adjustment

You will also find it faster and simpler to set the windage and adjust the elevation of the scope. This stems from the fact the various controls are so designed as to enable you to achieve these two feats easily. The benefit of maximum convenience is yet again yours to leverage.


  • Coated with the low light enhancement substances which last longer
  • Very resilient to water, shocks, and fogs
  • Backed by the generous unlimited lifetime warranty
  • Made of the aircraft-grade aluminum tube
  • Accompanied by robust customer support services


  • Too basic in scope and functionality
  • Not so worthy a purchase
  • Inconvenient to utilize


To enable you to acquire the right long range scope, the following factors will be of help:

Desired Use and Applications

These scopes may be used for hunting, sports, surveillance or gaming. You have to be sure to settle for a scope that can perform the precise task you have in mind. This is necessary to avoid any inconsistencies and associated problems. If you can, find one that is multipurpose.


This refers to the degree to which the scope can make the image appear larger than their actual size. The best scope has to have the highest levels of magnification imaginable. This is to enhance the visibility of the images captured. It also reduces eye strains besides eliminating ambiguities.


The range refers to the farthest distance the scope may impact at any given time. The best scope must have the longest range possible. Such an arrangement allows for the capture of details that would ordinarily be left out. It also enhances brings about maximum convenience on your part.

Material Construction

A good scope has to be pretty long lasting. This can only happen if it possesses strong material construction. A tough outer casing will see to it that the scope endures years of abuse and remains in the right condition at all times. The Aluminum, stainless steel and cast iron are examples of these.

Controls Features vs. Skill Level

You do not want to settle for a scope which you cannot comprehend let alone operate with ease. This is why you have to examine the control features of the scope you intend to acquire and weigh them against your skill level. Choose only that scope which falls within your easy control and domain.

Cost vs. Financial Resource Endowment

Lastly, you also would not wish to spend too much of your money in acquiring the scopes. You want to spend only that amount you are comfortable with. You, therefore, have to ascertain your financial resource endowment and the costs of the various scopes on the market. Pick that one which falls well within your budget.


Q1. What are the top brands of the long-range scopes?

  1. As of 2018, Monstrum, SECOZOOM, Primary Arms, Neptune Optics, Ade, and Riton are the top brands. Do give them a topmost priority in your search for the right scope.

Q2. How much on average, does a good long range scope go for?

Most good scopes cost between $200 and $300.

Q3.To what uses can the long range scopes be put?

They may be used for surveillance, hunting, espionage, and sports.

Q4. Who invented the long range scope?

William Malcolm of Syracuse, NY is largely credited with the invention of the long range scope.

Q5. When was the long-range scope invented?

1855 AD


Well, you have indeed obtained the right and relevant guidance. You may now go ahead and shop for the best long range scope with ease. Indeed, each of the scopes we have reviewed above is great and relevant for your use. You badly want to try out at least one of them. Please share this information with as many others as possible also. If you want to use rangefinder, you can read this review here.

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