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Hunting, whether for recreational purposes or for food, is a great and exciting undertaking indeed. However, it is also potentially risky. This is because most of the wild games are potentially dangerous. They either produce deadly venom or are poisonous. To guarantee your safety while hunting, you definitely have to put on the right hunting gears.

The hunting camouflage is by far the most significant of these. These are gears that are designed to disguise your appearance. They do so primarily by blending you well with your surrounding environment to make it impossible for animals and third parties from spotting you. Some can even neutralize your body odor to stop the animals who use the sense of smell from spotting you.

Our goal in the proceeding review shall be to aid you in finding the right hunting camouflage for the job. We have identified and are going to review the top five gears of these kinds. We are also going to discuss those factors you have to consider while on the lookout for the right gear.


#1: Adult Ghillie Suit by OutsideFun Camouflage Jungle Hunting Set

adult Ghillie suit
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If you care so much for your body, you have to acquire a hunting camouflage that offers comprehensive cover. This is the one to look up to. It is designed for the whole body including the hands, the fingers, the legs, and the chest. As such, it is a great wear for those thick jungles with dangerous animals.

Outstanding Features and Benefits
Forest & Woodland Camouflage

On the whole, the gear offers adequate protection in the forest and the woodland alike. As stated, the cover it provides is quite comprehensive. This leaves out no area of your body unhandled or impacted. If yours is a terrain that contains numerous snakes and other wild animals, this is the must wear.

Adjustable Elastic Band

If you are seeking a gear that can fit many wearers at a time, this is the one to look up to. It can adjust back and forth to accommodate wearers of varying sizes. This is largely made possible by the adjustable elastic band. It is this band that you engage to vary the shape and the size of the gear.

Premium 3-piece Ghillie Suit

The suit blends well with the ambiance courtesy of the Ghillie design and construction. This arrangement makes it impossible for the animal or the other hunters to spot you. This arrangement sees to it that you remain safe and secure at all times. Being made of premium materials, you may be sure to use it repeatedly for long.


• Covers the entire body properly
• Relevant for wildlife watching, shooting, and hunting
• Conceals you completely to prevent you from being found out
• Provides varying degrees of camouflage thickness for you to choose from
• Stretches and decompresses to fit most users


• Imposes excessive drag and is thus inconvenient to engage
• Only for limited use
• Not so reputable brand

#2: Natural Gear Winter-Ceptor Fleece Jacket for Men Windproof Full-Zip Jacket with Camouflage Pattern

 natural gear winter
natural gear winter

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Hunting in the cold is particularly treacherous. There is the risk of pneumonia, frostbite, numbness, and other cold-related issues. To be able to enjoy your hunting experience to the latter, you want a gear which can keep you totally warm. This is the gear for your taking as it is designed for use in such circumstances.

Outstanding Features and Benefits
400g Hard-sided Fleece

To provide the required warmth, this gear is extensively fleeced. The fleece is what traps the warmth and keeps out the cold. The fleece of this particular jacket weighs a whopping 400 grams and is also hard-sided. This way, they guarantee long-term warmth regardless of the prevailing environmental conditions.

Dual Chest Pockets

In the hunting gear are dual chest pockets. It is in these gears that you safeguard your various hunting gears such as the pistol, the arrow, and the rifle, among others. Being strategically located, they allow for easy access and retrieval of the said hunting gears. The benefit of maximum pleasure is, therefore, yours to leverage.

Versatile Full-length Coiled Zipper

Lastly comes the versatile and full-length coiled zipper. This allows for complete and proper closing of the jacket. This way, it shuts off all the cold and heat from penetrating into the interior portions of the jacket. As a result of this, the jacket confers adequate protection against all the external elements of weather.

natural gear winter


• Keeps your body warm and free of moisture
• Naturally silent and allows for smooth movements in the forest
• Allows you to stalk the games unnoticed
• Highly breathable and windproof
• Resists the percolation of water and moisture


• Only for the upper parts of the body
• Brings about limited returns on investments
• Quite costly to afford

#3: ScentLok Men’s Full Season TAKTIX Hunting Jacket

TAKTIX hunting jacket

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To be able to hunt some animals that use the power of scent to sense and perceive their hunters, it is necessary to acquire a gear that confers complete disguise. This can only happen if such a gear can neutralize the smell as well. Well, this indeed is the one to look up to.

Outstanding Features and Benefits
Carbon Alloy Technology

The carbon alloy technology adorns much of the construction of this hunting gear. It is this technology that absorbs and neutralizes odor to offer complete camouflage. It subsequently shields you from being easily seen and spotted by the animals regardless of the prevailing circumstance. It is particularly great for hunting canines such as dogs, jackals, and wolves.

Revolutionary NeverWet Feature

Other than absorbing scent, the gear is also great at keeping moisture from seeping into it. This is made possible by the revolutionary NeverWet feature. It is basically a superhydrophobic coating. It repels mug, water, blood, snow, and other kinds of liquids. This way, it keeps you dry and warm at all times and is thus great for use in extremely damp conditions.

Treated Carbon

Also forming a vital part of its composition is the treated carbon. This one operates much the same way as the activated carbon. It, however, targets the Sulphur compounds that mainly exist in the underarm and the foot. This treated carbon also neutralizes stench to make it even harder for the prey to spot you.


• Backed by a long 25-years experience
• Generates awesome success indeed
• Completely hides your appearance while in woods and fields
• Generates added comfort and support while hunting
• Simpler to clean and maintain


• Covers only the torso and the upper limbs
• Exudes fewer roles and functions
• Not so reliable in the long run

#4: Ororo Men’s Hunting Camo Heated Jacket with Hood and Battery Pack

Ororo mens hunting jacket
Ororo mens hunting camo

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Hunting in damp conditions is never a mean feat. This is because of the possible risks of suffering frost bites, muscular contractions, and hypothermia. You have to guarantee your warmth at all times. You may only do so if you acquire a heavy-duty gear of this kind. Its awesome set of features combine to make this a reality.

Outstanding Features and Benefits
Woodland Camo Print

Topping the list of its awesome features are the woodland camo print. This pattern is so designed as to disguise your appearance by blending perfectly with the surrounding environment. It allows for universal hunting use and applications. Regardless of your preferred hunting location, you will find it a worthy wear.

3-Carbon Fiber Heating Elements

To keep you warm while in the forest, the jacket makes use of the 3-carbon fiber heating element. They impact the core areas of your body. These include the mid-back, the right chest, and the left portions of your chest, among others. By reason of this feature, you may be sure to ward off the problems listed above.

Adjustable 3-Heat Settings

Other than merely generating the heat, the jacket also allows you to adjust the temperature and quantity of the said heat. It makes this possible by the adjustable 3-heat settings. The settings make room for the low, medium and the high heat levels respectively. Moreover, the button is placed strategically at the inside of the chest.


• Machine-washable and thus easier to clean and maintain
• Long-lasting battery life (up to 8 hours for a single charge)
• Prevents the prey from knowing where you are located
• Retains the highest amount of heat for added comfort in the cold
• Guards against water and wind


• Quite sophisticated for the simple mind
• Induces higher operational costs
• Unsuitable for hot conditions

#5: DSG Outerwear Women’s Ava Hunting Jacket Realtree Camo Edge

Women's camo Jacket

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Are you a female hunter? You may have to pay keen attention to this particular gear. This is because the gear is specifically meant for persons of your caliber. It has all the awesome and relevant features of a good hunting camouflage but is nonetheless geared specifically to a female wearer.

Outstanding Features and Benefits
Camo Micro Tricot Outer Layer

Its exterior is adorned with the camo micro tricot material. This material is a great camouflage as it completely disguises your appearance. It is further fleeced for added warmth not to mention that it is bonded into an inner layer. The end result is appropriate protection and comfort to your body. The material cover is also great at stemming wind.

Agion Active XL Dual-action Scent Control

Apart from your appearance, you will also get to neutralize your scent and prevent it from being detected by the targeted prey. This is made possible by the Agion Active XL dual-action scent control mechanism. The jacket is therefore great for tracking and targeting those animals that have a strong power of scent.

Accent Color Reverse

To further shield your identity from being detected, this jacket has an accent color reverse. The reverse makes it almost impossible for your outline to be detected by a person or a prey. If you are intent on hunting is a jungle, this jacket has to constitute a vital part of your attire.


• Has an adjustable and removable hood
• May expand and retract to respond to the varying body sizes
• Neutralizes your scent for complete camouflaging
• Creates a wind-proof barrier to generate added comfort
• Lasts longer than most other hunting gears


• Only for women
• Not so great for keeping warm
• Possesses delicate fabrics


To find the best hunting camouflage gear for your use, these are the factors you must pay attention to:


As you may well have noted, some kinds of these gears are intended strictly for one gender i.e. the male or the female. You should make a point of finding a unisex one if you plan to share it with others. Otherwise, you have to see to it that you only acquire that which is relevant to your gender.


Other than the differences in gender, these gears also vary in their sizes. As such, any gear chosen randomly may not fit your unique shape and size. This is why you have to determine your own dimension before determining which one to go for. If you can find one that is expandable, the better for you.

Environmental Condition of Use

The typical hunting environments possess unique weather and environmental conditions. Some are rainy, others are hot, and yet some are windy. You have to consider these prevailing environmental conditions as well. You have to find a gear that can work well in your preferred environment. This is to guarantee maximum enjoyment and awesome outcomes.

The Kind of Targeted Game

What kind of game do you target? Some games perceive people through the sense of scent, others motion, yet others eyesight. You have to be sure that your camouflage can conceal you from your targeted prey. You have to be sure that it can disguise your appearance, smell or movements, whichever case applies.

Desired Protection

Exactly which part of your body do you intend to protect? Are you after protecting your full body, half body, hands only, or the torso only? This consideration is necessary because you want one that is as comprehensive as can be. It has also to offer adequate protection to the exact part of the body you are determined to shield.

Intended Frequency and Total Duration of Use

How often do you intend to use the camouflage gear? Is it for one-time use or repeatedly? If hunting is a full-time occupation, you have to look for one that is strong and resilient to the various agents of abuse. If you only want one for one-time use, any would do you just as well.


Q1.Are hunting camouflage gears really necessary?
A. YES, they are! This is especially if you plan to traverse heavy and densely populated terrains.

Q2. To what uses might these gears be devoted?
A. They may be used for sporting, hunting, gaming, and expeditions. Some may also serve as wears for the cold and rainy seasons.

Q3. Where can I find a good hunting camouflage gear?
A. The leading online auction sites are your best bet. This is because they charge less, deliver faster, and allow you to compare prices and features of various attire before making a purchase.

Q4.Are there any dangers that are associated with these gears?
A. Yes, there are! They might give you some false sense of security. This might predispose you to attacks by wild animals out in the field.

Q5. I live in areas where there are many bears. Can these hunting camouflages keep me safe as well?
A. Not really! You will have to be extra vigilant as you walk around such areas.


Even though the hunting gears may have their fair share of limitations, they are nevertheless great purchases. This is because they reduce the possibilities of attacks by wild animals considerably. They, therefore, boost your overall safety and wellbeing in the field. What’s more? Some may also act as wears for those circumstances when the external environmental conditions are unfavorable.

In light of this, you want to make every effort and acquire one for your use. Do not drag your feet to arrive at the best one. Any unnecessary delays may often attract unnecessary inconveniences. To let others enjoy the same advantage as you, please share this information with them. All the best in your next hunting escapade!

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