Best 2 Way radios The Midland GXT1000VP4 Review

Midland - GXT1000VP4, 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio - Up to 36 Mile Range Walkie Talkie
Midland - GXT1000VP4, 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio - Up to 36 Mile Range Walkie Talkie
Midland – GXT1000VP4, 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio – Up to 36 Mile Range Walkie Talkie

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You no longer have to worry about going radio silence when partaking in outdoor activities, hiking, cycling, mountain climbing, skiing, skating and even canyoning among others, especially in remote areas, in the countryside. The durable and water resistant Midland GXT1000VP4 is the best 2 Way radio has 50 General Mobile Radio Service channels and an auto channel scan. It gives you maximum output energy with Xtreme Range Technology. It is a full featured long range communication radio that has everything you need.

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Key features of the best 2 Way radio of all time:

The key features include;
• 36 miles communication range
• SOS siren
• 142 privacy codes
• 9 levels of easy voice and sound activation transmission (eVOX) hands free operation
• 10 call alerts
• Dual power options
• Weather scan
• 50 GMRS channels
• Waterproof cover
• Auto squelch
• Bright back light display (LCD)
• Direct call


Let’s look at the features in more detail and see what’s in store for you;

1. 36 mile communication range
You can always spread out for up to 36 miles apart without signal interruption especially in an open space or areas with little or no obstruction.
2. SOS siren
The siren allows you to send out a distress and locator signal if ever you get stranded or lost.
3. 142 privacy codes
The codes offer you privacy with up to 3124 channel options to block out other conversation.
4. eVOX hands free operation (easy voice and sound activation transmission).
There is no need for a microphone or shouting, with the 9 levels hands-free operation. You can effortlessly activate the radio using your voice.
5. 10 call alerts
The radio has various call tones that notify you when you receive calls from the other members.
6. Dual power options
The options include an included rechargeable battery pack per radio and four excluded AA alkaline batteries per radio. These options offer you a sufficient up time without having to worry about constantly recharging the radio. The rechargeable battery has a life of up to 11 hours and takes around 12 hours to recharge.
You can also recharge the radio using a DC adapter, desktop charger or the AC adapter.
7. Weather scan
Using the nearest NOAA broadcast, it keeps you up to date on weather. It also has a weather alert feature which once the radio scans through 10 available band channels and automatically locks on to one of your local weather channels; it warns you when there’s an impending severe weather in your area by sounding an alarm.
8. 50 GMRS channels
It has 22 channels and 28 extras with pre-programmed privacy codes and an easy button access that enables you to switch channels effortlessly. These channels offer you clear and crisp communication. It ensures more privacy as you pick a channel of your liking.
9. Weatherproof cover
It is JIS4 certified which means it meets the standards of exposure to water whether light rain or heavy splashing in all directions. This makes it perfect for any adventure that may cross your mind.
10. Auto squelch
With this feature, you can communicate effortlessly and as it eliminates annoying background noise.
11. Bright back light display
The LCD feature helps you to read during the day and at night.
12. Direct call
When you want to talk to only one person, you can place a direct call without alerting the others.
13. Group call
Just as the direct call feature, you can place a direct call to other members without alerting the entire group.
14. X-TRA TALK power
With the midland two way radio, you can talk for a long time without interruptions till you attain the maximum allowed by law.
15. Whisper feature
It allows you to communicate online with another member without disturbing the others. You can also whisper into the radio and be heard.
16. High, medium and low power settings
These settings allow you to adjust transmit power and helps you to increase your battery life.
17. Channel scan
It is a feature that automatically checks channels for activity.
18. Dual watch
You can monitor two channels with ease.
19. Keypad lock
You can use this to lock in your selected settings just like in your handset.
20. Vibrate alert
It is a noiseless alert that provides you with a silent page or call notification without interrupting or startling.
21. Monitor
It helps you check for any activity within your channel.
22. Roger beep
It is a kind of tone that alerts you when a call is ended.1
23. Silent operation
When you need to operate quietly, this feature allows you to turn off all tones.
24. Mic and headphone jacks
With these jacks, you can opt to plug in a microphone or headphones on to your radio easily.

best Two Way walkie talkie

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Additional information

You must be wondering about the warranty, weight, and size among other things. So here it goes;

Pros (Do you need more?)

  • The radio weighs approximately, 4.8 ounces; not heavy right!
  • It comes in various colors, black or silver mostly, and is 4” by 2.4” by 1.4” with a warranty of up to three years.
  • It is extremely durable and can last for up to five years.
  • Easy to use
  • It has an easy access button alongside several automatic features, such as voice activation, channel scan and weather and hazard alerts just to mention a few, that make it easy to operate.
  •  Offers long range communication
  • With a mile range of up to 36 miles, you can split up in to several groups and still communicate with each other.
  • Lightweight
    It weighs around 4.8 ounces making it easy to carry everywhere.
    • It has an excellent build quality which can endure rough usage.
    • It has exquisite audio quality and signal reception.
    • No discomfort experienced even after using it for a long period.


• It has small parts which could choke children under the age of three years when swallowed.
• It can expose you to toxic chemicals that could cause reproductive harm, birth defects and even cancer.


With the benefits and several essential features outweighing the bad and ugly, we hope you pick the best two-way radio around! It is always fun to split into teams while hiking to add to the thrill of adventure. With the Midland GXT1000VP4, you are guaranteed superior reception, sound quality and transmission which provide a clear point-to-point communication.
We hope this helps. Thank you!

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