My Bear Hunting experience

written by Natasha

Bears are very intimidating creatures due to their size and behavior, which makes hunting them more intriguing for some people and terrifying for others. Regardless of the type of weapon being used, one needs to be very careful during such a hunt. Bears can easily turn on the hunter and cause severe injuries or even death as shown by the many stories from survivors and witnesses.

bear hunting
bear hunting

Experience story

In one case, what started out as curiosity and a dare almost ended tragically. The experience began when we decided to get out of our comfort zone that involves hunting smaller animals and hunt a bear. We weren’t experts at bear hunting and decided to get a guide. As the day of the trip got closer, a mixture of fear and amazement of running into wild life became real. The question we constantly asked ourselves was the types of action we would take in different dangerous scenarios. As we played with the thoughts in our heads, we never comprehended that it could actually happen, as our main goal was just to have a good time and get our hunting treasure.

Other than their ability to take an upright posture, which is more intimidating, bears also have the ability to respond fast especially when they think they or their offspring are under attack. We found out how dangerous they can be on the fateful day when we unexpectedly encountered one. Unknown to us, a bear was enjoying its nap on a tree when we abruptly interrupted its peace. Although we were being keen in our search, this bear surprised all of us when it pounced on the person at the very back.

Nothing had prepared us for the strength and agility of the bear. Two of us had bow and arrows while the guide had a gun. He quickly got hold of his Glock 20 revolver and aimed at the bear hitting it instantly but it wasn’t before the bear scratched my friend on the shoulder. Though the wound wasn’t fatal, it gave us some very important lessons such as:
Silence is very important. Bears can sense movement without necessarily hearing them. The direction of the wind is also very important since these animals have a strong sense of smell and can use it to surprise you.
Practice using your weapons before venturing into the wild. Bears are big, heavy and strong. If you don’t use your weapon effectively, you could end up dead. Learn all you need to know about bears to increase your chances of killing one.
It’s always better to hunt bears during fall since during this time they are preparing for their hibernation and therefore have better meat and skin although hunting during spring when they have gotten out of hibernation is also good.

Weapons you can use


Whether you’re using a bow or an arrow, you have to make sure that it’s strong enough to penetrate the bear’s skin in order to have the effect you need it to have. You still have to be careful though as some strong bows may be too much for inexperienced hunters to handle. Try to get some archery training to increase your chances of success. Try to aim at parts of the bear that most likely have the vital organs.


Bears need big firepower to go down. This means that you have to very careful with the firearm you carry. Most rifles such as the Winchester or Ruger models will get the job done. They can easily take down a bear with a single shot. Like rifles, muzzle-loaders such as the Remington and Thompson/center models are also very effective when it comes to bear hunting. Though most handguns may not kill a bear instantly, carrying an automatic Glock 20 10mm as backup may be useful due to its penetration strength.


Always be alert once you get to the field. Try to find out what type of bears exists in the area you’re going in order to learn more about them. They may have some general characteristics but learning details about specific types can help you know about their behavior and weaknesses therefore giving you an upper hand.
Adequate preparation is always advisable for bear hunters. It can take a toll on a person physically and mentally so you have to prepare psychologically as well. Test your hunting weapons to make sure they are all working before you encounter a bear, and carry your hunting documents with you to avoid trouble with the law.

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