Small talk on Air rifle shooting

Air force Condor

If you want to know about air rifle shooting for hunting games, you have already come to the real place. First thing first: Never aim your air rifle to any human being or animals. It’s dangerous equally like a firearm. Yes, today’s air gun is powerful enough. Let’s learn something about air gun shooting.

If you want to shoot but don’t want to destroy the calmness of environment and money then air gun would be the best option. Today’s airguns are very powerful to kill a bear. But there is a lot of choices. 1200 fps (feet per second) to 450 fps. In general, there are two types of airguns, PCP and Springer. Springer is easy to maintain and last longer than PCP. But it has junky, and you can shoot only one pellet (Bullet of Airgun) at a time. But it can also hit a coin from 100 yards if you have a rifle scope mounted on it. And you do need an air tank to fill it on the way. It cost lower than pap. Now a day, some Springer air rifle has a gas piston. This type of air rifle is also recoiling less, and you can load it for hours. But if you load steel spring long time, it’s performance become low.

PCP air rifle has an air tank under the barrel. Air tank filled with compressed air that is used for propelling the pellet. Some PCP has a rotary magazine, so you shoot six to ten pellet one by one. This rifle is recoilless. So shooting to a target is ease. But one problem when air pressure begins to fall, the fps of pellets drops also. And you have to bring an extra air tank with you to refill the air tank. It is expensive than Springer.


types of pellets
types of pellets

There are lots of pellets out there. You have to choose which is perfect for your rifle. If you want to hunt birds, squirrel, rabbit then you need at least .22/5.5 caliber pellet and higher for a big game. There is also some formation; they are a hollow point, super point, Dome head etc. Dome’s head has more impact thus the super point penetrates better. Some countries don’t allow hunting like Bangladesh, India etc. Hunting is against the law. So, make sure where are you going to hunting. Wadcutter pellet is only for target practice on a paper sheet.

 Wad cutter


Super point

Dome head
Dome head

.177/.4.5 is not perfect for hunting, but you can hunt with them. It is faster than .22/5.5 pellets, but its impact is low. There is another option of size; that is .20/.5 pellet. It’s faster than .22 and more effect on target than .177. But it’s not available everywhere. Most of the hunters use .22 pellets all over the world.

Which air guns are the best?

It’s your choice. In my opinion, Germany, USA, Czechoslovakia are the best to airgun makers’ country. Germany’s HW air gun is the best. Diana air gun is also too good. Weihrauch HW 80 and Diana 35 are the classic air gun that last decades and well known to all over the world. Diana 350 magnum is the most powerful gun in the Springer category. Turkish weapons are powerful, but you cannot use them for a long time.

Weihrauch HW 80: All time favorite.
rws-350 Magnum
RWS Diana 350 Magnum source: Pyramid air

If you want to hunt big game, there is more choice. You have to switch it PCPs. Airforce Condor, Dragon Claw, Benjamin Marauder are doing their job perfectly. They are .50 caliber to .357 caliber.

Airforce Condor can break concrete blocks!!

Helpful Tips:

  • If you want your pellet always hits on the target, never put oil in the compression chamber. Synthetic washer doesn’t need oil! I have a lot of experience in it.
  • It has a leather washer; you can give one drop oil every three hundred shot. PCP doesn’t need oil.
  • Don’t let your gun fall from your hand. This barrel is made from soft steel. If you bent it, it’d, and you never reach the target.
    Never fire empty. It will destroy your gun.
  • You can use a thin layer of gun oil on the outer side for preventing rusting.
  • Don’t try to clean your barrel. For preventing rusting, fire a pellet often.

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