An Unsung Hero-Pachabdi Gazi

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, some hunters came from Germany to the Sundarbans. A poor Bangladeshi hunter was working as their guide. They were going to the forest by a fishing trawler. Suddenly a human eating tiger attacked the trawler with a jump. Everyone was shocked at the sudden attack. People could be hurt if a shot was taken. In such a situation, the guns roar of that poor Bangladeshi hunter- Yes, It’s Pachabdi Gazi. The tiger died instantly after shooting at the head.

There are many hunters who are still covered under the screen. Numerous who are equal to Jim Corbett or John Hunter. They are well-known for a lot of factors. However, the key reason is actually which their own well-known capability to explain their own experience. On the other hand, Pachabdi Gazi was not a good writer to explain his hunting experiences.

People and Tigers of Sundarban

40-50 years ago Tigers were usually hunted with muskets. When a human eating tiger was found in the Sundarbans, then called listed hunters from the subdivision.  They were paid 100-500 rupees for every hunting. Other tigers hunting is prohibited without man-eater tiger.

Man-eater tigers are extremely smart compared to regular tigers. They often create a trap for hunters and killed them. If the hunter is not experienced, death claws can come anytime.

The habit of a man-eater

Tigers generally do not eat a human being, Their favorite food is deer but when the Tigers are injured due to some reason or because of the age, the speed of running is getting decrease, then people attacked by them. And once the human meat is eaten, they like human more than other prey. Because it is tender and easy to eat because it has a salty taste and soft.

Pachabdi Gazi was an expert of Sundarbans tigers. We all know that there are the Royal Bengal Tigers in the Sundarban and there are no lions in the forest. Some characteristics of the tiger are known from  Pachabdi Gazi. Like, the torrential river, the tiger can be straight across. If the tigers eat rotten meat, their sleep is quite deep as well as lengthy. 

Early life

Pachabdi Gazi was a poor villager. His father was Meher Gazi and grandfather was Ismail Gazi- both of them are hunters. Abdul Hamid Gazi is the full name of Pachadi Gazi. He was born in 1924 in Gabura union of Shyamnagar Upazila of Satkhira district. For hunting, he used the double barrel muzzleloading gun of his father. In 1941, at the age of 17, he started his hunter life by hunting a tiger is known as “Terror of the Golakhali” from Paikgachha Thana of Khulna district.

Pachabdi Ghazi

Pachabdi Gazi’s father and grandfather both were killed by the tiger attack. They were killed by the attack of man-eater of Gholkhali and man-eater of Shupoti tigers. Later, they were hunted with by Pachabdi Gazi. It is said that after killing of 57 tigers, in a dream, his father forbidden him to kill them. Since then he has never hunted.

He used to take a gun of old age to fight against violent creatures with infinite courage, patience as well as intelligence. Initially, he worked as an assistant of Forest Department Ranger. In 1955, he became involved in forestry as his fame spread to animal hunting. 

Terror of “Aatharobeki”

In 1966 “Aatharobeki”‘s tiger was declared a man-eater. Pachabdi Gazi got the responsibility to kill the tiger but the tiger was not easy prey. 
That time there were six Bawalis entered the Sundarbans for cutting wood, suddenly that tiger was picked up a Bawali. Bawalis followed the tiger. Trying to rescue their partner. At one stage the tiger fled by leaving the bloody companion. But in a few minutes all ends. The rest of the five Bawalis, along with the body of the companion, had to return. That man-eater tiger had been looking for his hunt. A few Bawali were sleeping in the boat of around in the area of Phulkhali. In the deep night, the tiger came to swim and took a Bawali from inside the boat. The body of Bawalis was rescued in the morning. The tiger had eaten some parts of the body of him. Pachabdi Gazi was worried about those kills. He came to the scene. Try to guess the size and shape by observing the footprints. Make sure the tiger returns to the rest of the human flesh. Gazi is sitting on a canal with his gun. There was no big tree there. He then mimicking like a tiger. Tigers fall trapped. He came back to finish his meal on that spot. Gazi kept the eyes on the sight of his gun. When the tiger came in the range, the trigger was pressed. “Aatharobeki”s terror fell to the ground. Another shot fired to ensure the death of terror. Pachadi Soon after this, the East Pakistan Government conferred Pachadi Gazi in ‘Sanad-e-Khidmat’.


Seeing the footprint of tigers, Gazi could realize the shape and class of tigers. He was also skilled in determining the movement of tigers. He fought with the tiger even in unarmed conditions. He used to allure the tigers by copying the words of the tigress, the sound of cutting trees, or the collection of leaves. He used to hunt in the jungle or get a call. Autumn and the Full moon-New moon of the spring are the tiger’s breeding period. At that time, Pachabdi Gazi killed lustful tigers by mimicking like a tigress.

Also, there are two other methods of “Gachhal” and “Mathal.” Hunting on the tree is called “Gachhal” and another one is called “Mathal” which is hunting on the going. He gets a double barrel gun as a prize by hunting Mathal manner. The tiger, he hunted in the bait method in the Goalini forest range was the longest tiger – about 12 feet tall.

The tiger was known as “Talepatti Terrorism”. It was 57th and last hunting of Pachabdi Gazi’s life. His father Meher Gazi also earned the honor of killing 50 tigers. In that period he also worked as a guide to visiting  Sundarban’s Ayub Khan of Pakistan and the German Chancellor. Pachabdi Gazi killed 23 man-eaters among 57 tigers. Some notable tigers were:

• Human eating tigers of Shopoti

• Human eating tigers of Guali

• Human eating tigers of Dublar char

• Human eating tigers of Lakkhi Khal

• Human eating tigers of Atharobaki

• Human eating tigers of Talpatti

• Human eating tigers of Lotabaki- Ilshamari


In 1986, at the age of 70, he hunted the last tiger. he also killed more than 20 violent crocodiles. Though he was a great hunter, the poverty did not leave his life.  Still, his family’s economy has not improved. This great hunter died in 1997. Respect and love to him from our hunting community.

Translator: Yasin Hamza

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