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10 things to put in your hunting pack (Infographics)


A perfect hunting pack is a very necessary thing for your survival in a successful hunt. When things don’t happen as you planned then you need to rely heavily on your hunting pack for your survival. You need to carry a lightweight bag pack if you want to plan for hiking hour after hour. Spending more time on practicing and exercising for your hunt with your hunting pack will bring you more confidence and getting used to the weight.

Every hunter have their different opinions and choices about their survival hunting pack but there are some most essential items for every hunting pack whether you are opting for whole day or weekend, you will certainly find these items necessary for your hunting. In this article, we are discussing the most essential and survival 10 things to put in your hunting pack while you are in hunting. But the perfect approach to work out what a professional hunter requires is to get out in the hunting field and the experience will assist you to the tribulations of being a hunter. If you are new in the novice hunter or thinking about a hunting journey these 10 things must need to put in your hunting pack.

Let’s begin…oh! I forgot. I have a beautiful infographic to share with everyone. Here it is-

0 Things to Put in Your Hunting Pack

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First Aid Kit

We think the most important tools to have in your hunting pack is a first aid kit. If you get burn on your body or cut your hand with a sharp knife a first aid kit comes handy. Antibiotic cream, Anti-itch cream, bandages, cotton, antihistamine, tweezers or safety pins are better to have in your first aid kit, though these things may not be used at all, it’s always important to keep yourself prepare for these little accidents while you are in the hunt.

Rain gear

A lightweight but durable set of rain gear is very handy things to put in your hunting pack. All you need to roll the rain gear up and put it in your hunting pack. If you are ever caught in a rainstorm or unpredictable weather. This set of rain gear going to protect you and your equipment easily. Although you don’t see any cloud, the mountains can go towards quite random weather, suddenly you perhaps see the clouds can roll in speedy and once they act, you will stay dry.


When a hunter is hunting for all day long, he is likely to get hungry. So you need to carry some dehydrated meal and water in your hunter pack. You can take mixed nuts, protein bars to minimize the weight. Water is the most important element in your hunting time to keep yourself out from hydration. You can keep the most of the weight in your hunter pack for water.


When the sun is heading down the most important equipment in a hunting time is Flashlight which most of the time we forget to bring in the hunting pack. You may take several light sources like a headlamp, flashlight but make sure that the lights are lightweight and easy to handle. A 300+ lumens flashlight is going to be very helpful to you to see to path around you in dark. So never forget to put such lighting sources in your hunting pack while you are hunting at dark.

Multipurpose Knife

A high-quality, sharp and strong blade field dressing knife is very essential things in your hunting pack. Again you need to carry a very lightweight and durable quality knife for skinning and meat processing. knives are required basically when hunters have done well in the hunt. My personal choice is Defender 12″ Military Combat Fixed Blade Tactical Bowie Survival Hunting Knife with Holt Multi Tool Key Chain for its 7-inch stainless steel black blade with awesome double saw edge spine and simple open fastening system belt buckle.

Hand Gloves:

You need to wear gloves while you are field dressing your hunted animals because you don’t know about the bacteria and parasites issue your hunted animals might have. So a good one or two pairs of gloves are very essential things to put in your hunting pack.

Fire Box and Lighter

A lighter or a firebox matches is always a smart tool to carry on your hunting pack. It’s essential for singe some Para-cord end to harden the tie and handy to build a fire preparation while posting camp for tracking an animal. Keep the firebox in a dry place.

GPS map and compass

It’s essential for you to carry a GPS map and compass because no one knows what they may require it for. So you need to understand the safety fact in the back of your brain. GPS map and compass will help you to know where you are right now and how long to get back to your hunting camp. So keep remembering to carry a GPS map and compass in your hunting pack.


Certainly, your goal is to bring some hunting meats from the ranch to your home after having a successful hunt tour. In this case, a lightweight game bag is needed to put in your hunting pack comes handy to bring the highest amount of meat possible. My favorite game bag for hunting pack is Allen Backcountry Quarter Bags which is designed with only the roughest users in mind and also lightweight, a premium quality game bag that is washable and reusable also.


Para-cord is the last but not the least things you need to put in your hunting pack and it’s always great to have while hunting. Basically, it has much lightweight You can use PARACORD PLANET 550 Assorted Colors of Paracord in 50 and 100 Foot Lengths made by the USA which can be used in multi-use like camping, hiking, survival and more. These paracords are UV and fade resistant will not rot or mildew, building it enormously for survival requirements and a lot of outdoor purposes!

That is not the end you can put more things in your hunting pack. If I miss any point please remind me by commenting below in this article.

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